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Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc

Film Description:

Joan of Arc – She died at 19… 500 years later, her legend still lives. Leelee Sobieski shines as the legendary warrior Joan of Arc, who, at seventeen, led one of the greatest compaigns for freedom the world has ever witnessed. Supported by an all-star cast, Joan of Arc is a riveting epic of inspiration, triumph and tears. Born to be a peasant French family, young Joan hears the voice of saints calling out to her to unite her besieged nation.

Gaining an audience with the young king, Joan convinces him to allow her to command an army into battle – an adventure that leads to thrilling victories and heartbreaking betrayals – as Joan of Arc defies all odds.

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Joan of Arc Leelee Sobieski DVD Christian Movie

Joan of Arc Leelee Sobieski DVD Christian Movie 2

Joan of Arc Leelee Sobieski DVD Christian Movie 3

  • Leelee Sobieski … Joan D’Arc
  • Chad Willett … Jean de Metz
  • Jacqueline Bisset … Isabelle D’Arc
  • Powers Boothe … Jacques D’Arc
  • Olympia Dukakis … Mother Babette
  • Neil Patrick Harris … The Dauphin
  • Robert Loggia … Father Monet
  • Maximilian Schell … Brother Jean le Maistre
  • Peter Strauss … La Hire
  • Jonathan Hyde … Duke of Bedford
  • Maury Chaykin … Sir Robert de Baudricourt
  • Shirley MacLaine … Madame de Beaurevoir
  • Peter O’Toole … Bishop Cauchon
  • Cliff Saunders … Bertrand de Poligny
  • Ron White … Dunois
  • Jaimz Woolvett … Duke of Burgundy (as Jaimz Wolvett)
  • Chris Hoffman … Louis
  • Matt Hoffman … Raymond
  • Robert Haley … La Tremoile
  • Chandra Engstrom … Young Joan
  • David Nykl … Duke of Luxembourg
  • Justin Peroff … Pierre D’Arc
  • Roby Sobieski … Young Pierre (as Robert Sobieski)
  • Ondrej Hartl … Jacquemine D’Arc
  • Mikulas Mara … Michel D’Arc
  • Kris Lemche … Emile
  • Jared Wall … Young Emile
  • David Schofield … Gladsdale
  • Ted Atherton … Jean d’Estivet
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Joan of Arc, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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