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Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc

Film Description:

Joan of Arc – Under the direction of Victor Fleming (whose credits include Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz), this is a stodgily respectable mini-epic, adapted from Maxwell Anderson’s acclaimed play Joan of Lorraine and giving 33-year-old Ingrid Bergman one of her quirkiest star turns as the 19-year-old “Maid of Lorraine,” destined by divinely inspired fate to rescue imperiled France from British occupation, and face trial on charges of witchcraft.

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  • Ingrid Bergman … Joan of Arc
  • Francis L. Sullivan … Pierre Cauchon (Count-Bishop of Beauvais)
  • J. Carrol Naish … John, Count of Luxembourg (Joan’s captor)
  • Ward Bond … La Hire
  • Shepperd Strudwick … Father Massieu (Joan’s bailiff)
  • Gene Lockhart … Georges de la Trémouille
  • John Emery … Jean – Duke d’Alencon
  • Leif Erickson … Dunois, Bastard of Orleans
  • Cecil Kellaway … Jean le Maistre (Inquisitor of Rouen)
  • José Ferrer … The Dauphin (Charles VII, later King of France)
  • Selena Royle … Isabelle d’Arc (Joan’s mother)
  • Robert Barrat … Jacques d’Arc (Joan’s Father)
  • Jimmy Lydon … Pierre d’Arc (Joan’s younger brother)
  • Rand Brooks … Jean d’Arc (Joan’s older brother)
  • Roman Bohnen … Durand Laxart (Joan’s uncle)
  • Irene Rich … Catherine le Royer
  • Nestor Paiva … Henri le Royer (Catherine’s husband)
  • Richard Derr … Jean de Metz (a knight)
  • Ray Teal … Bertrand de Poulengy (a squire)
  • David Bond … Jean Fournier, Curé of Vaucouleurs
  • George Coulouris … Sir Robert de Baudricourt – governor of Vaucouleurs
  • George Zucco … Constable of Clerveaux
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Joan of Arc, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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