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CFDb Review!

If only we all had the attitude of Johnny! We all have a mission in life from God and in this film Johnny found out what his mission was. There is forgiveness and healing with God for everyone is the theme of this film.  Check out the CFDb Interview with D. David Morin.

Film Synopsis:

When Dr. Drew Carter (Mel Fair) tragically lost his ten-year old son in a car accident while his wife was driving, he didn’t expect to lose his whole family as well. Since the accident, his wife, Julia (Musetta Vander), has become emotionally absent from Drew and their daughter, Kayla (Aubyn Cole). When Dr. Miller (Lee Majors), refers Johnny (Jerry Phillips), a foster child with leukemia, to Drew, the wheels start to turn and Drew sees a chance to heal his family.

Because Julia remains in a perpetual guilt-ridden state of grief, she is opposed to the idea of adopting this terminally ill boy.

With Kayla feeling increasingly more rejected by her own mother and Drew growing more distant from his wife, he decides to take matters into his own hands and adopts Johnny for better or for worse. Johnny doesn’t know what he is in for, but is convinced he is here for a special mission; a mission that is revealed when he enters Dr. Carter’s world.


  • Aubyn Cole ~~~ Kayla Carter
  • Mel Fair ~~~ Dr. Drew Carter
  • Brandon Klopot ~~~ Michael /bully
  • Leslie La’Raine ~~~ Glenda Roberts
  • Lee Majors ~~~ Dr. Mike Miller
  • Jerry Phillips ~~~ Johnny Bell
  • Leticia Robles ~~~ Delores Sanchez
  • Liam Matthews ~~~ Mr. Greenwood
  • Musetta Vander ~~~ Julia Carter
Name/Company: Pure Flix Entertainment
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Phone: 480-991-2258
Fax: 480-473-9811
Website: Film Website
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Johnny, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Jessica Long says
    07 September 11, 11:31pm

    Best movie I have watched in some time…very powerful message!

  2. Connie Nothdurft says
    26 September 11, 1:18pm

    This movie really opens your eyes! Everyone should watch this.. Thank you! God Bless you

  3. Jdawgg says
    18 October 11, 4:39am

    This movie really touched my heart and made me cry. Johnny is a sweet little boy and he really opened my heart. Everyone should watch it

  4. Darnell Banks says
    23 November 11, 9:07pm

    Last night, my wife and I watched, “Johnny” for the first time. It made my revamp my top 5 movies of all time. It’s differently in my top 3. For personal reasons, The 5 Heartbeats, Johnny, then Radio. This will be the movie that I use to try to move people to want to get with God. I just love this movie. You guys did a FABULOUS job. God bless you all.

  5. Sallam says
    08 July 12, 4:41pm

    Really this movie will touch our deep and will made everyone cry. The christian movie has a powerful message to all people that not knows Jesus Christ. I pray that all this movies doing the best in the heart of our beloved. Thank you! Jesus bless you all.

  6. Tami says
    15 July 12, 6:14pm

    The movie Johnny is by far one of the best christian shows I have seen. The love and and faith of a child is such a precious thing to see. But the love and faith of a dieing child is so much more of a beuatiful thing to see. It made me see how selfish and hard hearted I can be at times. I cried so hard in that movie. I told the church today about this movie and they all want to see it., I truely think everyone should watch this show. Christian or not. I believe it could bring people who arent of the faith to think. Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. Not by works but by the true love of God thru his son. Wow how blessed we are to have such an Almighty God of LOVE.

  7. Delores says
    02 January 13, 2:16pm

    This movie is well worth the watch! My kids were glued to the t.v. The message is so powerful and heartfelt. That lil boy in the movie has made my family and I look at everything in a different persona. Job well done!

  8. Theodora Baido says
    29 January 13, 7:13am

    Awesome and good work done.This movie has to be on TV maybe channel 5or 6 for everybody to see. I think this will help bring more people to chirst.Please to get sponsership, send an apeal to all churches and everybody will be willing to contribute .
    Thanks and God blss you all.

  9. Jordao says
    08 March 13, 7:54am

    The best movie by far I have watched. Iv watched it 5 times in in thoses 5 times i have cryed it will never get old. This movie should have an oscar.

  10. Mary Casas says
    12 August 13, 11:05pm

    This truely was one of the best christian movies I have seen . Who can argue with a childs faith. The love he had for Jesus was awesome. His faith for Jesus was so compelling and moving. As christians we can learn so much from him how he shared scriptures and the gospel not ashamed of the gospel but confident in Jesus. Very encouraging for christians. Also a great tool for non christians as well. God bless

  11. Riarna says
    23 March 14, 12:08am

    This was an amazing movie, and a must see for all! It was really heart moving, and my whole family watched it together! Throughout the movie, it is very sad (as it is based on a 10 yr old boy ‘Johnny’ who suffers lukemia cancer) however it is very encouraging and it really inspires you to look at your life, and be thankful for all that you have. I really enjoyed this movie, and would absoutely recommend it to anyone who is going through tough times, as you will come back feeling hopeful, as you live with God 🙂 An awesome inspiration, and a must see movie for all!

    God Bless,
    Riarna 🙂

  12. catherine says
    16 April 14, 12:21pm

    this was an amazing movie I like how his attitude was in the movie I watch it by my self and it his name Johnny and he was 10 year old with lukemia and I would like to have his attitude it is in encouraging and enjoyedit a great tool for non christians and his faith for Jesus was so compelling and moving

  13. Angela says
    22 April 14, 11:51pm

    I picked this movie to watch for a class assignment in my Crisis management course. I was so intrigued by the Johnny’s character that I forgot to observe signs of trauma and PTSD of the Carter’s. Between being in awe and episodes of tear dropping, I was caught up in whether the Carter’s would accept Christ into their lives during their crisis. I told my son about it tonight and we will watch it together later. I agree with others that this will be a great gateway movie for non-believers, as well as Christians to view, which may change their hearts and help evaluate their existence.

  14. 28 July 14, 5:38am

    This movies is so great. It made me re evaluate my faith and commitment to God. How many times do I say like Jonny not m will but yours Lord. Thanks guys for this movie.

  15. annaline swartz says
    15 August 14, 7:07am

    awesome movie, it touched me to the extend that I cried, I would recommend it to every one. God bless the author of this movie

  16. heather majongosi says
    21 August 14, 3:08am

    sometimes you feel the world is getting big for you. when I watched Johnny I cried the whole movie through because he had faith in GOD and he was not afraid and the most emotional or we can say epic of the story was when Johnny was about to die and he told his parents that they must forgive themselves about what happened to Robert because GOD already forgave them and in reality no one have that kind of faith or self confidence or even can be humble. he was proud to be GOD’s child and that made me realise that life is to short you must forgive and forget

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