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Just Let Go

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Just Let Go

Film Description:

Just Let Go – The inspirational true story of Chris Williams.

After surviving a drunk driving accident that killed his pregnant wife and two kids, Chris Williams struggles to ‘just let go’ and forgive the young man who caused it.

Just Let Go Screenshot

Film Cast

  • Henry Ian Cusick … Chris Williams
  • Brenda Vaccaro … Nadine Williams
  • Sam Sorbo … District Attorney
  • Jacob Buster … Sam Williams
  • Darin Southam … Defense Attorney
  • Renny Grames … Jillian
  • Paris Warner … Teenage Girl
  • Richard Sharrah … Defense Attorney
  • Kymberly Mellen … Rehabilitation Nurse
  • Sewell Whitney … Vance Mellen
  • JJ Neward … Counselor
  • Anne Sward … Michelle’s Mom
  • Jill Adler … Distraught Mother
  • Jeffrey Hanson … Boss
  • Lexi Walker … Anna Williams
  • Mitchell Ferrin … Curtis Wright
  • Nathan Lesser … Ben Williams
  • Eli Cusick … Young Chris Williams
  • Christian R. Lambert … Flashback Police Officer
  • Barta Heiner … Mrs. Connelly
  • Ryka Miller … Michelle Williams
  • Derrick Dean … Brother-in-law
  • Bryce Chamberlain … Chris’ Father
  • Carolyn Koskan … Marilyn Wright
  • Jason Craig West … Church Speaker
  • Liam Buie … Michael Williams
  • Stephen Lesser … Sam’s Doctor
  • Aubrey Cramer … Clerk
  • Josh Miller … Second Counselor
  • Marty Steinberg … Judge

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  1. nicha says
    22 December 16, 5:23am

    Can’t find any subtitles for.
    English it will be good. Portuguese much better
    Anyone who can help ?

  2. Desiree says
    30 December 16, 1:21am

    Hello Nicha,

    if you go to the Film website (also found under “related websites”), it states the DVD having Closed Captions in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You can purchase the DVD advertised there, at Walmart or from their websites Amazon link.


  3. Nicha says
    21 June 17, 4:24am

    Thank you.Desiree. just want subtitles not the DVD,

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