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Just a Measure of Faith

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Just a Measure of Faith

Film Description:

Just a Measure of Faith – This movie is based on one man’s faith. Husband and good friend Jacob handles all the challenges alone, refusing to allow God to help. His wife, Kayla, a strong believer tries to help overcome both of their problems and lead him in the direction of Faith. With their close knit community along with family, friends and the church, Jacob and Kayla will find the love and support they need.

This dynamic power duo for God is on the move in the Christian entertainment business. Husband and wife team, Mechelle and Marlon Wilson are the owners of M&M Films. Their primary mission is to create films and plays that addresses today s social issues and problems. We have noticed that today s society is weakened by economical conditions that sometimes lead to problems in today s families, which causes decreases stability. Our plays and films are intended to uplift the spirit and provide answers of hope to those who may be experiencing spiritual problems.

M&M Films faced the challenge of finding the right Producer/Director and production company that would give their film the proper look feel,and enhance the experience in delivering their message. They were impressed with the experience and knowledge of Memphis award winning film maker Larry LC Clark and formed a partnership to bring Just A Measure of Faith to life. M&M Films is determined to make a difference in the lives of families all across America and are proud to present this film to the public.

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