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Keep the Faith

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Keep the Faith

Film Description:

Keep the Faith – An ex-gang leader comes to Christ years after the rapture and is persecuted in a Christian containment camp by his rival, a former drug dealer.

Timothy Jackson believes in the pleasures that only street life can bring him like, sex, drugs, alcohol, and hanging out at parties with his boys Brick, Shawn, and TY.

Involved in only the negative aspects of life, Timothy also neglects his fatherly duties and in his spare time patronizes his girlfriend Tawanna for her recently becoming a Christian. That is until Paul, one of his old high school friends enters back into his life. It’s later revealed that Paul has given up his football scholarship in order to study to become a pastor. Timothy, Brick, Shawn and TY ridicule his passion for Christ.

On the night of TY’S birthday, Paul reaches to the very root of TY’S pain in life and helps him to become born again. This infuriates Timothy who at hours before was involved in a drive by and a shootout with Hakim, a violent neighborhood drug dealer. Timothy confronts Paul who admonishes him and convicts him revealing his true reason for leaving his football scholarship and college life behind.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Topic: African American Cinema

(1st Titled “Brotherly Love”)

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Keep the Faith - Christian Movie/Film Choice Skinner - Screenshot

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Film Cast

  • Mychal Thompson … Timothy TJ Jackson
  • Eric Anthony … Shawn
  • Diana Lu … Claire
  • Sheldon A. Smith … Hakim
  • Farley Jackson … Brick
  • Nicholas Alexander … Paul
  • Michael Graham … Daniel Meyers
  • Ramsay Philips … Brother Johnson
  • Jamaal Richmond … TY
  • Kimberli Curtis … Sister Mary
  • Tammany Galloway … Melinda
  • Carlett Martin … Mercedes
  • Donald Wayne Brown Jr. … Leroy
  • Jay Hunter … Agent ‘Battle Axe’ Draken
  • Daffany McGaray Clark … Deanna
  • Stephanie Charles … Trina
  • Jason Woods … Brother Walter
  • Xango Henry … Agent Egypt
  • Jesse Lorenzo … Agent ‘Steel’ Roberts
  • Nicole Michelle Arnold … Tawanna
  • Lauren McCarroll … Joanne
  • Daniel J. Silva … Agent Patrick Fisk / Security Guard
  • Jaimes Timas … Brother Elijah
  • Geno Brooks … Juice
  • Choice Skinner … Police Officer / Chuck
  • Stephanie O’Neill … Tiffany
  • Briana Price … Sonya
  • Brandon Moten … Gregory
  • Jessica Quintero … Destiny
  • Juan Gil … Jay

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Darkan Entertainment Representative:
Phone: +1 818 997 1516 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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