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Keith Green: The Movie

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

The Screenplay is being written right now! – so please pray for it specifically! For the story line, the events shown, and the power of God to be woven into it.”

“Every film that is taken from a book is much more condensed than the book, so everyone involved needs great and specific guidance.  I know Keith’s story will be used in powerful ways to touch lives. I want it to accurately represent his life and ministry. Obviously there will be lots of great music too!”


Release Date: (Theaters) TBA!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Keith Green: The Movie

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  1. David says
    21 July 12, 8:26pm

    I would love to see a Keith Green movie happen!!! Its just what we could use right now…

  2. Caleb Tolleson says
    27 August 12, 4:10pm

    I’ve been praying for this film. Lord willing this will draw many people to Christ!! Keith Green’s awesome ministry will always live on.

  3. Chris Matthews says
    20 September 12, 9:46pm

    Have you found the man to play Keith Green and will he be lip syncing, or the real deal?

  4. Annelie says
    21 September 12, 7:24am

    You can check on the website for more information on the film. We aren’t quite sure about the casting.


  5. Marianne Coulter says
    26 September 12, 8:05am

    I’m joining you in prayer for this extremely important film…you’re right…without the Holy Spirit’s ajnnointing, it will not be the powerful movie it certainly should be! Trying hard to be patient!! 🙂

  6. John says
    29 November 13, 6:04pm

    I’m halfway through the book and can’t wait for the film. Keith Green is an inspiration!

  7. John Smith says
    10 January 14, 7:21am

    Might i suggest that Simon Helberg play the Keith Green character… and that Eliza Dushku plays the Melody Green character… They look alike the characters and I think that it would be a great combination.

  8. Gregg Weiss says
    05 February 14, 2:32pm

    I just became a fan,didn’t really know about Keith but he was a god’s sent and so talented praise the lord.I want to see this movie. I’m also trying to write a book about my life with a unbelievable woman I’ve been wit for 25 years who died . She had MS but beat death so many times thanks to Jesus. I just need help with this book to write it and money.

  9. Annelie says
    05 February 14, 3:04pm

    We are so sorry for your loss. We have a helpful sites page with links to scriptwriting information and fundraising. There may be tools that can help with writing too.


  10. Dan says
    25 February 14, 6:40pm

    Melody and others involved: please take your time and do the film right. I know you will be sensitive and will make good judgments all along the way. God is still working through Keith’s story and music. I was playing Keith’s music on the piano just yesterday (as I do most days) … and thinking how he has been discipling me all these years through his (and your) music, lyrics, and life. Being a little younger, I did not even discover Keith until a couple years after the plane crash. I am so thankful, and amazed/encouraged when I think how God can take our loaves and fishes and (if given to him) continue multiplying them long after we ourselves no longer even walk the earth. We will pray for the project and wait expectantly!

  11. Ellen says
    05 July 14, 7:11pm

    The update on the LDM website looked like you were in need of more writers. Is that correct? Or did I read into that? If so, where would I go to inquire about script writing?

  12. Annelie says
    06 July 14, 10:37am

    Here are some scriptwriting resources for you to try – – we don’t make any of the films ourselves so you would have to contact the Production companies directly.


  13. Andrew stevens says
    06 June 16, 1:07am

    Father god we come to you and ask you pour out your blessing on the team behind making the movie of the life of Keith green so that ten thousand times ten thousand more people can come to know you as there lord and saviour we pry this is the mighty name of Jesus amen,

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