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Kidnapped Runaway

Sneak Preview
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Kidnapped Runaway

Film Description:

One boy’s quest to become a missionary leads him on a dangerous and life-changing adventure.

A missionary-minded boy runs away after being kidnapped by his drug-addicted mother. Watch how the lives of his over-protective Christian father, a detective with issues about her Christian faith, a homeless man, a prostitute, and the boy’s mom are impacted by his journey.

KIDNAPPED RUNAWAY began early 2003 as a basic idea a friend of mine came up with for me to write a script for. She came up with the concept and story line for the story. I then wrote the script for the short film. The characters have changed a little since then, and some new ones have come about.

As time went on in 2003, I cast the film, scouted locations, and set up a three day shooting schedule. We filmed the weekend in November just before Thanksgiving. Instead of three days we wrapped in two. In 2007 I found an editor for the short film. When it was complete, we had a trailer and an edited film. I watched the film and realized it was unreleasable. This was disappointing. I asked the editor if he could fix it, but he had already deleted the footage so he had room for other projects. I was stuck in a rut.

In 2010, God placed on my heart that KIDNAPPED RUNAWAY needed to re-written, re-cast, and re-filmed with a longer story, more characters, a stronger message and a better cast. As I looked for time to write, some years passed. Then in 2013 I met Maurice Vaughan on Facebook and we began talking. Next thing I know, we were outlining the new and improved “Kidnapped Runaway”. With Maurice helping as writer we knocked out a newer, fresher, longer and stronger message for this faith-based Christian script. The casting started, and people were jumping at roles. We now hope to film November 2014.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Kidnapped Runaway

Film Cast

  • Sherry Hudak Weinhardt – Avery Clovers
  • Michael Joiner – Jonathan Clovers
  • Laura Ann Gray – Detective Clara
  • Shayna Shields – Ireena Evans
  • Aaron Allen – Detective Barry Wells
  • Dave Payton – Larry Patterson

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