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Kids Ten Commandments (K10C): The Series

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CFDb Review:

Absolutely a 5 star series.  We would recommend this series for Churches, Christian Schools & Parents EVERYWHERE.

Kids Ten Commandments (K10C): The Series

Film Description:

Kids Ten Commandments (K10C): The Series – Kids will be enthralled by this collection of five action-packed mini-movies as they learn about God’s “rules for life.”

Using state-of-the-art 2-D and 3-D animation and featuring major Hollywood talent, including Peter Strauss, Paul Winfield, and Jodi Benson (Ariel, The Little Mermaid), each episode centers around two of the Ten Commandments and shows kids how the Ten Commandments are important for their everyday lives.

Collection includes:

      1. The Not So Golden Calf

        Seth and his mom, Leila, are in for the adventure of a lifetime when they learn the meaning of two of the Ten Commandments. When Moses goes up to Mount Sinai, the people of Israel lose faith and build a golden calf in honor of other gods. That’s when 11-year-old Seth learns why God commanded “Do not worship any other gods besides me” and “Do not make idols of any kind.” The innovative Ten Commandments series combines 2-D and 3-D animation.

      2. The Rest Is Yet to Come

        After his mom leaves him in the care of foul-mouthed Jeshanah, 11-year-old Seth finds out why he shouldn’t misuse the name of God and how important it is to observe the Sabbath. Seth’s snarly caretaker makes him and the animals work too hard on the Sabbath, and he offends everyone by taking the Lord’s name in vain. Featuring the voices of Peter Strauss and Tom Bosley, the innovative Ten Commandments series combines 2-D and 3-D animation.

      3. A Life and Seth Situation

        Come along with 11-year-old Seth and a cast of Bible characters as they learn the meaning of two of the Ten Commandments. Seth and his best friend, Ephraim, fight off dangerous bandits and wild animals while learning to honor their parents and that it’s wrong to kill. The innovative Ten Commandments series combines 2-D and 3-D animation and features the voices of actors Peter Strauss, Tim Curry, Paul Winfield and Tom Bosley.

      4. Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts

        Simeon, the handsome singing sensation visiting the Israelites’ camp, is quite taken with Matthew’s wife, Sara, and tries to win her over with his amazing voice. At the same time, Amos the Rat is wrongly accused of stealing food, while Simeon’s monkey, Martel, is scheming to make a heist of his own. The group learns why God created the commandments against adultery and stealing — and what will happen if they are broken.

      5. Toying with the Truth

        A new toy causes a rift between best friends Seth and Ephraim when Seth, who wants to be the cool kid who has everything, steals the toy. After it breaks, he blames it on his friend, and it isn’t until wise toy maker Ben-Ami steps in with some guidance that Seth does the right thing. The fifth installment of the Ten Commandments series illustrates why it’s wrong to covet and testify falsely against your neighbor.

        Kids Ten Commandments (K10C): The Series Film - DVD Set


      1. K10C Theme Song – James Covell
      2. See Me Shine – Jesse Corti
      3. Follow Me – Tim Curry
      4. Gotta Do What You Can – René Auberjonis and Chris Marquette
      5. The Seventh Day – Jesse Corti, Jeannie Elias and Mona Marshall
      6. The Four Corners – Chris Marquette and Mona Marshall
      7. What Did You Expect? – Lou Diamond Phillips, Jesse Corti and Brian Cummings
      8. Rats – Maurice LaMarche
      9. All I Need Is You (Duet) – Jodi Benson and John Schneider
      10. All I Need Is You (Solo) – Jodi Benson
      11. The Boy Who Has Everything – Jesse Corti
      12. The Truth, No Lie – Tom Bosley

Film Cast

  • Peter Strauss … Moses (voice)
  • Paul Winfield … Shadi (voice)
  • Jodi Benson … Leila / Martha (voice)
  • Jesse Corti … Jacob (voice)
  • Brian Cummings … God / Aaron (voice)
  • Jeannie Elias … Mehida / Naomi / Rachel (voice)
  • Maurice LaMarche … Boaz / Amos (voice)
  • Chris Marquette … Seth (voice)
  • Mona Marshall … Ephraim / Miriam / Hannah (voice)
  • Rob Paulsen … Zeek (voice)
  • Tim Curry … Hazzaka (voice)

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Film Details

Kids Ten Commandments (K10C): The Series, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Helen Barbeauld says
    13 April 15, 9:43am

    I already have the films for my church, I am looking for the teaching guide and supporting cds. Can you help point me in the right direction for purchasing these items?

  2. Annelie says
    13 April 15, 9:57am

    Great Question Helen – Here is the link to where the curriculum is being sold – – You can also try calling them if this link doesn’t show you exactly what you are looking for. (800) 337-8135. Christian Book Distributors

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