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King David

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Film Synopsis:

Following the Biblical tale, KING DAVID chronicles the real-life story of David, a lowly shepherd boy whose shrewdness and bravery helped him ascend to the throne of ancient Israel. From his defeat of Goliath to his jealousy-fueled relationship with Saul, to his self-destructive yearning for Bathsheba, the story of David is an action-packed saga of religion and politics based partly on history and partly on legend and full of ethical lessons imparted by a wise God.

(Parental Warning!)

  • Richard Gere ~~~ David
  • Edward Woodward ~~~ Saul
  • Alice Krige ~~~ Bathsheba
  • Denis Quilley ~~~ Samuel
  • Niall Buggy ~~~ Nathan
  • Cherie Lunghi ~~~ Michal
  • Hurd Hatfield ~~~ Ahimelech
  • Jack Klaff ~~~ Jonathan
  • John Castle ~~~ Abner
  • Tim Woodward ~~~ Joab
  • David de Keyser ~~~ Ahitophel
  • Ian Sears ~~~ Young David
  • Simon Dutton ~~~ Eliab
  • Jean-Marc Barr ~~~ Absalom
  • Arthur Whybrow ~~~ Jesse
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  1. CFDb says
    15 August 12, 5:21pm

    This film is out of print, we will let you know when a re-release is planned. Thanks

  2. sekhar says
    27 May 13, 3:44am


  3. CFDb says
    27 May 13, 6:28am

    Hi Sekhar,

    I did not get your full message, the only thing that came through is. “hi”


  4. Mina says
    12 May 14, 11:04am

    Hi how i can watch this movie? Thank you!

  5. CFDb says
    13 May 14, 10:38am

    Hi, if you check out the film page there are a few places you can watch it, check under the VOD button. Like iTunes and Amazon Instant video, even YouTube Streaming.

  6. Annelie says
    13 May 14, 11:45am

    You can purchase here or video on demand –

    There are links underneath the video on demand button with more options as well.


  7. evan says
    22 November 14, 1:17pm

    is this movie appropriate for children? what kind of content is in it

  8. Annelie says
    23 November 14, 8:35am

    We have a parental warning on the film. It’s Pg-13 – I just read in IMDb – – it is a warning for nudity, even full female nudity in one scene.


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