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Kingdom Adventure: The Series

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Film Synopsis:

Welcome to the enchanting land of Lumia,a place where right is right, and wrong is wrong; where good wins over evil, but only through a struggle of choices. This is Kingdom Adventure, a delightfully entertaining, biblical allegory in the fantasy classic traditions of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

In the genre of fantasy classics, this award-winning children’s series combines puppets and animation to tell the tale of a magical Kingdom threatened by an evil wizard. Young heroes battle evil with the help of an unseen Prince who grants them special powers.

Kingdom Adventure has been distributed to more than 40 countries in 13 language versions.

(Kingdom Adventure Series, Episodes 1-20)

(Kingdom Adventure Series, Episodes 1-20)

Kingdom Adventure 1  Kingdom Adventure -Trambazoombah Rescue

Secret of the Dark Wood – Kingdom Adventure (Episodes 1 – 4)

Return from the Dark Wood — Danger in the Dark Wood — The Tramabazoombah — Escape from the Pit

The forest lumans Pokum and Keena escape danger in the Dark Wood and are sent on a mission by the Prince, Pops has a dream telling him to build a “trambazoombah,” and brave Tully faces a monster named Gulp.

Kingdom Adventure Series 2
The Amazing Book of Light – Kingdom Adventure (Episodes 5 – 8 )

Mystery of the Catacombs — Message from the Prince — High Adventure — Passages of Truth

The luman heroes encounter Gulp the Monster, sneak into Lumia Castle to deliver a message to the Princess, learn a valuable lesson about strangers, and discover a wondrous Book of Light that has the power to defeat the evil wizard, Zordock.

Kingdom Adventure Series 3
The Green Spot Plot – Kingdom Adventure (Episodes 9 – 12)

Lolly’s Freckled Frenzy — Once Upon A Dream — The Green Spot Plot — The Promise of Spring

The luman heroes rescue Lolly from a forest cave, discover the meaning of a mysterious dream, unravel the Green Spot Plot, and encounter the wondrous Bird of Promise.

Kingdom Adventure Series 4
Rescue The Princess – Kingdom Adventure (Episodes 13 – 16)

Heart Talk — Battle for the Princess — The Music Box — Angels Unaware

The Princess falls into the clutches of the evil Zordock, Pokum embarks on a rescue mission with the help of the Prince, and Keena helps a wounded stranger who turns out to be more than what he appears.

Kingdom Adventure Series 5
Lumia: Kingdom of Light – Kingdom Adventure (Episodes 17 – 20)

Return of the Emperor’s Book — Queen for a Dream — The Most Precious Gift — Song in the Wind

The wondrous power of the Book of Light saves the Princess and the minstrel from the evil Zordock, a hilarious nightmare teaches Lolly a lesson, and a new life comes to the Kingdom.

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