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King’s Heart

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King’s Heart

Film Description:

King’s Heart – Rise up or be defeated.

King’s Heart is based on the true story of Louis and his middle son, Joey, the smallest starting offensive lineman for his high school’s varsity football team. Joey, who’s used to going up against players twice his size, is faced with seemingly insurmountable odds just three days before the state championship game when an attack on his family brings him to the point of destruction. At the eleventh hour, Joey must decide if he will throw in the towel or rise up in victory.

An award-winning short film, King’s Heart features the hit song “Live Like That” by the Christian band Sidewalk Prophets.

Release Date: (DVD) May 4, 2015

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Topic: Sports

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Film Cast

  • Jason Dworak … Joey / Pettos
  • Sean M. Grady … King / Louie
  • Catherine Nastasi … Jackie
  • Tom Werther … Uncle Phil
  • Lawrence Mack … Jubilee
  • Josh Adwar … Lil’ Louis
  • Vincent Barikyan … Nicky
  • Eric Peterson … Coach
  • Emily Jon Mitchell … Aunt Ida
  • Gregory M. Brown … Emt
  • Joey Cotroneo … Demon (voice)
  • Maria O’Bryan … Aggie (as Maria Bellantoni)
  • Kevin O’Bryan … Assistant EMT
  • Louis Bellantoni … Football Player
  • Walden Hudson … Football Player
  • Michael Arborn … Football Player
  • Brandon DiSanto … Football Player
  • Stephen Teitz … Football Player
  • Christopher Aliberto … Football Player

Film Company Contact Details

Company: First Fruits Entertainment, LLC Representative: Maria O’Bryan
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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