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Last Ounce of Courage

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CFDb Review!

This is a film that people need to see. If you’re patriotic, you’ll enjoy this film.  Check out the Sonoma Christian Home Magazine Interview.

Last Ounce of Courage

Film Description:

The approaching holiday season sets the scene for a battle, long in the making.

Christmas is under attack. The true celebration of Christ’s birth has been lost in a sea of tolerance and apathy.

Bob Revere, a decorated veteran and mayor, reconnects with his past when his alienated grandson, Chris, moves back to town. Through the discovery of a series of video diaries found in a footlocker, Chris wrestles with understanding the supreme sacrifice that his father Thomas made fighting for their freedom. Even more poignantly, realizing that their own freedoms have been slipping away, Bob and Chris question that while Thomas died fighting for their freedom, what are they doing now? What can one grandpa do? What can one kid do?

As the story unfolds, we find out just how much difference one ordinary person can make. Bob, the grandpa who serves as mayor of his hometown as it is entering the holiday season, determines to bring back the “true” celebration of Christmas to Mount Columbus. Chris encounters his own challenges for freedom at school while Bob’s fight for freedom brings him face to face with the hard-hitting ACLO.

Find out what happens as Bob exclaims, “My fight isn’t about colored lights and a Christmas tree on the city square. It’s about freedom, and taking back what’s been stolen from us. One by one we have lost freedoms that our forefathers, our brothers in arms and my son died for. It’s time we stand up for what they died for, for what we believe in.”

Ticket Sales: Domestic Total Gross: $3,329,674

This Film was Originally called “A Promise to Remember”

This Film was Originally called "A Promise to Remember"

Last Ounce of Courage - Christian Movie on Blu-ray -

Last Ounce of Courage - Christian Movie on Blu-ray

Last Ounce of Courage - Christian Movie 1 -

Last Ounce of Courage - Christian Movie Screen Shot on

Last Ounce of Courage - Christian Movie

  • Marshall R. Teague … Bob Revere
  • Jennifer O’Neill … Dottie Revere
  • Rusty Joiner … Greg Rogers
  • Fred Williamson … Warren Hammerschmidt
  • Hunter Gomez … Christian Revere
  • Nikki Novak … Kari Revere
  • Jenna Boyd … Mattie Rogers
  • Austin Marks … Thomas Revere
  • Lindsey Brinnon … Jessica ‘JJ’ Revere
  • Steve Marks … Randy
  • Joe Brinnon … Charlie
  • Walter Coppage … Matt Schnake
  • Charles Graham … Leonard
  • Dean Vivian … Principal Rusty Cruzan
  • Darrel Campbell … Renaldo Boutwell
  • Benjy Gaither … Ernie
  • Steve Nave … Walter Putman
  • Michelle D. Bratcher … Connie Lee
  • Richard Headrick … Angel
  • Duke Mason … Duke
  • Vincent Manachino … Possum
  • Adelie Campbell … Lindsay
  • Sarah McMullen … Reagan
  • Michael Fukunaga … Stewie
  • Sally Spurgeon … Trudy Pigtails
  • Emily Boresow … Tylor
  • Maria Fukunaga … Sandra
  • Gene Bicknell … Jailer
  • Heidi Bacon … Biker Chick
  • Jerod Cantu … Lefty
  • Anita Cordell … Funeral Attendee
  • Tina Fortune … Crying Woman
  • Gina Headrick … Biker Chick
  • Katherine McNamara … Caroler
  • Sharon Marie Wright … Reporter
  • Bill O’Reilly … Himself
Contact Person:

[schema type=”movie” url=”” name=”Last Ounce of Courage” description=”The approaching holiday season sets the scene for a battle, long in the making. Christmas is under attack. The true celebration of Christ’s birth has been lost in a sea of tolerance and apathy.” director=”Darrel Campbell, Kevin McAfee” producer=”Catherine Wilshire, Kevin McAfee” actor_1=”Marshall R. Teague, Jennifer O’Neill, Fred Williamson, Rusty Joiner, Hunter Gomez, Nikki Novak, Jenna Boyd, Austin Marks, Lindsey Brinnon” ]

Last Ounce of Courage, 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Mary Lou Stone says
    30 September 11, 2:58pm

    so when is this magnificent film -The Last Ounce of Courage -going to be released? I tis so wanted and needed and will be a huge hit!! Please release!!

    Thank you in advance,

    Mary Lou Stone

  2. CFDb says
    30 September 11, 5:04pm

    Hi Mary,

    This is the message they just released. Thanks

    Kevin McAfee
    We are hoping in the next thirty days to have a time period for release of the film. There are grass roots marketing screenings currently being seen for the military audiences and faith based audiences.

  3. Alice Cureton Prisk says
    10 November 11, 11:14pm

    I have been waiting to see this movie for a long time. I certainly hope we will see it before the first of the year.

    Thank you!

  4. Paul Schmitz sr says
    18 January 12, 4:50pm

    could you please tell me how to get acopy of this great movie? I saw this when you put it on in Branson Missouri April 2011 at Hand-in-Hand. This is a must have for any DVD collection. I have tried all the Christian stores here in Springfield but no luck finding . they can’t even locate it to order for me.. thanks for your help….. Paul sr

  5. Annelie says
    19 January 12, 11:54am

    The last post on FB regarding the release date was 12/14/11. They promise that as soon as there is a date they will post it to their FB page.
    We have a link to their FB page under “official websites”. If you subscribe to the CFDb newsletter, we also will be posting when we know
    about the upcoming release date so you can purchase it.


  6. Hellfighter Richard says
    30 April 12, 11:48am

    Had a chance to see a screening.
    This will be a movie everyone will want their family and church to see.

  7. David Koresh says
    21 August 12, 7:21am

    Sounds like a quality film that all my children and I can enjoy.

  8. Vickie says
    27 August 12, 2:49pm

    Have watched every trailer and snipet of this film I can find on the WWW. Get goosebumps each time I watch. Am so excited that Sawmill Mall Theatre in Laurel, MS and the Grand in Hattiesburg, MS have chosen to show this film! I encourage everyone reading this message to contact a theatre near you and ask them to show the film. It’s time to STAND UP AMERICANS for the freedoms that are covertly and overtly being taken from us and/or we are allowing to be taken from us.

  9. Timothy Kruse says
    10 September 12, 10:16am

    Hey all,

    As a Christian and a new film maker myself, I am glad to see people wanting to make good stories. Yet I have to add that if you only create ideas Families and churches can watch then your limiting your audience. There needs to be a higher standard for Christian films, I know most people will think it is not a Christian film but the Book of Eli (though it had action in it) was a great film, well put together and it had a strong message.

    This is my desire to create great films that people who don’t believe in Christ will want to see, and that will make them talk about wanting what we as Christians have.

    Thanks for letting me speak my mind. I hope the movie does well.

  10. Joyce says
    15 September 12, 10:54am

    We went to see “Last Ounce of Courage. We need this awakening, and you did such a good job with casting. This movie is a great family movie, engageng all ages and ethnic groups. We are much to content to have the government or sime outspoken person tell us how to act.When most of the time it is intimidation of those with a liberal point of view- even when it works to destroy our freedom. Please take your families to see this movie.

  11. Evelina says
    15 September 12, 5:40pm

    Last Ounce of Courage was an awesome picture. Every American should see this movie. This is a movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family.. This movie really speaks to your heart. It makes you want to get up and fight for America.

  12. Doug Fellers says
    15 September 12, 8:04pm

    Just saw the movie. It was a genuine tearjerker. Such strong applause from the audience!

  13. Candace McCarthy says
    16 September 12, 6:14pm

    Just saw this movie. God bless all who serve and have served this country for us to be free. God condemn all of us who remain asleep while, as the movie states, our freedoms are being taken away. Constitutionalist’s all know that separation of church and state, meant that we would not have a United States Church, like the Church of England. We would have freedom to choose our religion. This is a must see movie for everyone. Let the sleeper’s awake.

  14. Jeffrey Chancellor says
    17 September 12, 10:53am

    Last Ounce of Courage is a MUST SEE movie and one that will spur Americans to action to help save the freedoms that are being eroded away. My family and I went to a packed showing and the entire theater stood up and clapped at the epic ending. Churches need to be buying out showings of this movie and taking and/or encouraging church members to go see this movie. Last Ounce Of Courage is also a testament to the sacrifices made by members of the United States military who have won and continue to defend the freedoms we enjoy. Don’t miss Last Ounce Of Courage!

  15. Mary Lou Campion says
    01 January 13, 3:52pm

    We received this movie as a Christmas gift from our daughter. Watched the movie last night and it ended in the middle of the Christmas play the public school children were performing. We tried it again thinking it might be our DVD player but it happened again in the same place. It was a great movie but would like to see the end of it.

  16. Annelie says
    01 January 13, 4:13pm

    Oh that is a shame – does she remember where she purchased it? You should be able to get a replacement.
    You can also check Netflix –
    in case she can’t remember.


  17. mother hen says
    06 May 13, 10:20am

    A great movie !!! I watched at the theater and twice on DVD. Every American should watch this movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Walt says
    30 November 13, 2:01pm

    I saw this film last year and am going to put it up on Face Book again for this Christmas. It is a fantastic film. Also am proud to call the Janitor, (Charles), my personal friend as hundreds of other do.

  19. emmy says
    11 January 14, 10:39pm

    I noticed someone already wrote that their copy stopped during the Christmas play. Ours did too. This is not a coincidence.

  20. Annelie says
    12 January 14, 8:58am

    This is weird – you can always contact whoever you bought the DVD from and they should replace it for free. Must be a factory defect.


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