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Late One Night

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CFDb Review:

What a unique film.  This is a great discussion starter.

Film Synopsis:

Three factory workers make their routine stop at a diner late one night. Just before closing, a man comes in and takes a seat at the counter. One of the workers, an antagonist named Larry, tries to strike up a conversation with the man but he doesn’t respond. Disturbed by this, Larry persists and finds out the man is a Christian. What follows is an intense drama about the most important issue in life…and eternity.

It clearly explains what the Bible means when it says “you must be born again”. This movie presents the gospel of Jesus Christ, not only in word, but with a visual example of His great love for all. It also has a dialogue about hell that will cause any viewer to stop and consider the end result.

  • Brad Heller … Larry
  • Josh Gaffga … Jesus
  • Hugh McLean … Jackson
  • Tim Ross … Vince
  • Travis Hinson … Mike, Larry’s buddy
  • Sidney Horton … Street preacher
  • Jennifer Bailey … Patty
  • Freddy Robinson … Riley
  • Jonathon Demers … Crenshaw
  • Drew Harkey … Larry’s Father
  • Susie Allsbrook … Larry’s mother
  • Patrick Hurley … Factory worker
  • C. Melissa Horne … Woman in club
  • Maria Christiano … Patty’s friend
  • Jordan Christiano … Larry, Age 7
  • Andre Massey … Prison guard
  • Rita Murphy … Secretary
  • Kevin Driggers … Street people
  • Sabrina Haney … Street people
  • Von Thomas … Street people
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Late One Night, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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