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Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

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CFDb Review:

Our 2nd favorite of the series. A really powerful moment in this one. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

Film Description:

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force – The best selling novel now continues…

It’s a week after the rapture and the millions of people who disappeared in to thin air are still missing. Chaos rules the world as panic and grief stricken survivors continue to search for their lost loved-ones. Suicide rates are sky-rocketing, businesses and homes are being looted, and martial law is in effect. A desperate world looks to the leadership and guidance of UN President Nicolae Carpathia, the only person offering any answers, hope, and plans to restore peace and order.

While Carpathia has the world’s adoration and trust, he is seemingly unaware of four rebels spreading the truth that he is in fact the prophesied Antichrist of the Bible. Leading this small group (called the Tribulation Force) is Pastor Bruce Barnes.

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Film Cast

  • Kirk Cameron … Buck Williams
  • Brad Johnson … Rayford Steele
  • Clarence Gilyard Jr. … Pastor Bruce Barnes (as Clarence Gilyard)
  • Janaya Stephens … Chloe Steele
  • Gordon Currie … Nicolae Carpathia
  • Chelsea Noble … Hattie Durham
  • Krista Bridges … Ivy Gold
  • Lubomir Mykytiuk … Rabbi Tsion Ben Judah
  • Christopher Bondy … Steve Plank (as Chris Bondy)
  • Christie MacFadyen … Irene Steele
  • David Macniven … Chris Smith (as David MacNiven)
  • Jason Jones … Young Man in Church
  • Leslie Carlson … Witness Eli (as Les Carlson)
  • Louis Negin … Witness Moishe
  • Elias Zarou … House Speaker

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Cloud Ten Pictures Representative:
Phone: 1 888-684-5561 Fax: 905 684 7946
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details


Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Brian Hill says
    20 June 13, 11:41am

    This was my favorite of the three Left Behind films. This one has a lot of special effects in it, and I think that Nicolai is such a great villian.

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