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Left Behind: The End Begins

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CFDb Review:

Prepare to be surprised by this ‘Left Behind’ masterpiece. Expect to be on the edge of your seat. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Left Behind: The End Begins

Film Description:

Left Behind: The End Begins follows the epic story of a small group of survivors after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction.

Without warning hundreds of millions of people around the globe simply vanish – including every child. All that remains are their clothes and belongings and chaos and terror like never before. Suddenly unmanned vehicles crash and burn. Emergency forces everywhere are depleted. Gridlock, rioting and looting are rampant with no one to help or give answers.

For RAY STEELE, the pilot of a jumbo jet, it means trying to calm his hysterical passengers who saw loved ones vanish before their eyes. It also means trying to land his damaged plane when every airport is jammed with burning wrecks and while wishing that he could talk to his family one last time.

For CHLOE, Ray’s daughter back on the ground, it means trying to find her younger brother who disappeared from her very arms. Fighting through a post-apocalyptic landscape, Chloe makes it home but her mom is gone too. Despair and rage rule the day.

This movie is a movie series based on the bestselling books!

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Left Behind: The End Begins
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'Left Behind' Fans Question Nicolas Cage's Faith, Wonder About Actual Rapture Before Film's Release


Left Behind: The Movie (The Reboot) - Christian Movie Christian Film, DVD, Nicholas Cage,Chad Michael Murray

Nicolas Cage as Capt. Rayford Steele Left Behind The Reboot. Screenshot

Nicolas Cage as Capt. Rayford Steele Left Behind The Reboot.

Left Behind: The Movie Christian Movie Film DVD Screenshot  1

Film Cast

  • Nicolas Cage … Rayford Steele
  • Chad Michael Murray … Buck Williams
  • Nicky Whelan … Hattie Durham
  • Jordin Sparks … Shasta
  • Cassi Thomson … Chloe Steele
  • Quinton Aaron … Simon
  • Martin Klebba … Melvin Weir
  • Luis Da Silva Jr. … Luis(passenger 2)
  • William Ragsdale … Chris Smith
  • Gary Grubbs … Dennis
  • Shanna Forrestall … Checkout Lady
  • Judd Lormand … Jim
  • Lance E. Nichols … Pastor Bruce Barnes
  • Han Soto … Edwin
  • Ashton Leigh … Terrified Woman
  • Alec Rayme … Hassid
  • Vanessa Amaya … Flight Attendant
  • Major Dodson … Raymie Steele
  • Ken Massey … Airport Traveler
  • Georgina Rawlings … Venice
  • Jesse Yarborough … TSA Security Officer
  • John C. Klein … PCA Pilot
  • Cassandra Eastwold … PCA Flight Attendant
  • Adrian Spurlock … TSA Security Officer
  • Ronnie Bonck … Airport Traveler
  • Jeffery Ballard … Airport Traveler
  • David Miley … Airport Traveler

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Cloud Ten Pictures Representative:
Phone: 1-888-684-5561 Fax: 1-905-684-7946
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details


Left Behind: The End Begins, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Tim Sellers says
    12 November 10, 5:32pm

    Can’t wait. Loved the books but the 1st films were a flop with bad special effects. I know many of those who were involved with the films were dispointed. Now you all can do it right and have even a bigger impact this time. I will be praying for you all.

  2. James says
    14 December 10, 7:12pm

    I agree the special effects were bad and it was labeled as cheasy. But I would like to see good effects, a powerful gospel presentation throughout the film. I have spoken to ‘Christians’ but most of them were gangbangers, or people who went to the front of the church to receive membership not salvation. Please put it out there cause most Christians that I know in my family and alot of co workers from different denominations believe Jesus, but that the Dalai Lama, Buddha, Allah, Mary are ways to heaven. They believe Allah of the Koran is the same in the Bible. you don’t have to publish this, but please, I pray, put a strong message in love with truth. I would ask that they personally call denominations and churches and market this movie to their congregations and encourage them to bring a lost love one when it does come out. I believe God will use it like He used Passion of the Christ and really go deep into people’s hearts. Christianity is being assaulted in America and around the world. Remember Jesus is God and He said that He is the only way, that there is no other name under heaven given wherby we Must be saved” so Jesus said it, if you want to call anyone bigot, intolerant etc. call Jesus it then. I was a former homosexual and into the occult and Jesus came into my life and changed and transformed me. Please don’t sugarcoat the gospel to suit Hollywood, please don’t use cuss words, make it exciting and going and lift Christ and the Message. He is coming very soon!

  3. Tripp Van Easille says
    19 November 11, 9:41am

    The 1st film was a joke–PERIOD! Cloud Ten is NOT the company to be involved with this project, if (excuse the pun…) it gets ‘off the ground’! Bad casting, wooden acting and again, lame (say Cheesey!) special effects.
    Doubtful they could g a Speilberg or Michael Bay involved, that would be the ONLY way to treat the ‘God-awful’ overlong story any kind of decent treatment! Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins needed an Editor that should have chopped all the screamingly obvious filler from the book series.
    I’d much rather see an epic biblical film of the events of 70 A.D. or a Pre-Wrath/Post Trib script come to life.
    Cloud Ten films have a legacy of imbecilic films that wind up at family garage sales–and then don’t sell!!! Give us all a break and let this pass! It would be the Christian-thing to do! WWJD indeed!

  4. Josh Allen says
    21 November 11, 9:35pm

    Lets get a fair treatment here. Yes the first films weren’t perfect but cloud ten did do a reasonably good job. There were times when the acting wasn’t up to par but it certainly wasn’t horrible. I personally don’t consider Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, or (the award winning) Lou Gossett Jr to be bad actors. As for the effects of the first films the only time they came across cheesy was in world at war ( the RPG shot, and the satellite missile explosion), other than that the effects were fine ( though few in numbers). Keep in mind the first film was made on a 2 million dollar budget. For that amount I think cloud ten did a wonderful job. Just think of what they could produce with they’re 18 million dollar budget for the remake! This is one of many ambitious christian films, but I think it’s the only one with the potential, and means to accomplish its goal. I think we’ll all be impressed with the end result. Remember, it could be the worst movie ever and God could still use it to save souls, and that’s the ultimate goal, not quality. Cloud Ten Pictures, you are always in my prayers! God Bless!

    PS. Not that your films don’t have quality. I was especially impressed with Saving God!

  5. Katrina says
    31 December 11, 12:09pm

    I am looking forward when the remake gets released but I don’t have high hopes because for one thing I don’t think this company can produce something that’s not cheesy. It’s not just the acting but the script that’s awful. For one I would like to feel like when I am watching the movie the book comes alive and not jumping and skipping parts. It also felt hurried like they were almost out of budget. Oh well I hope I am wrong.

  6. Anonymous says
    02 February 12, 2:18pm

    Are the movies going to be “book-based,” as in Movie 1: Left behind. Book 2: Tribulation Force, Book 3: Nicolae, etc etc…?

  7. Tripp Van Easille says
    17 March 12, 10:27pm

    Anything connected with “Cloud Ten” is bound to be crap. That being said, just look at the travesty the first versions were…Hellllllooooooo??
    I would have a tad more interest in this IF it was being looked at by a LEGITAMATE STUDIO. Sony, Universal, Lionsgate…otherwise, not worth the effort!

  8. Michelle says
    28 March 12, 9:55am

    I personally liked all three Left Behind movies. They weren’t “crap” as some of these people have said.

    In fact my son loves the movies so much, he read ALL the teen books in the series and now has started on the adult version.

    How is production going? We can’t wait to see it!

  9. Annelie says
    29 March 12, 5:32pm

    We haven’t heard any updates lately. On their FB page it says news is coming soon but that was a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what the news is!
    I think the main reason people didn’t like these films is because they got so used to the books and the movie doesn’t really follow the book. That makes
    them a little confusing. Each film in the series had at least something in them that was really good.


  10. Jason says
    18 August 12, 3:08am

    I am disapointed. I love cloud ten movies and I loved LB 1,2, and 3. The poor production didnt really matter to me. they where great movies. I’d rather they make LB 4. They should at least get Kirk to play buck again. I men come on the guys a great actor.

    28 September 12, 7:39pm

    I just recently watched the three series. I don’t know of the books but after watching
    I knelt down in my room twice for the first and second movie. and made another commitment to Jesus and I asked him never to allow me witness the Anti Christ nor the tribulation.
    If you fear God you will not condemn this work.God bless the Cloud Ten team.

  12. Brian says
    12 October 12, 10:01pm

    Although a remake of Left Behind is a good idea, I feel that a mini-series would be the best option as it would be able to contain more details from the book than, (what I would hope to be at least a 2-hour movie), could.

  13. Sara says
    20 October 12, 10:20am

    The first movies were too far away from the books. I’d love to see the books condensed 4-5 movies at least, and I think they would all make money. But at least include more judgements and show how they are linked to prophecy/scripture. Show how many reject Jesus for lies and the anti-christ — and what happens to them. And clearly explain and show the Second Coming. Come Lord Jesus!!

  14. Mike says
    21 October 12, 8:10am

    @Tripp Van Easille…. Sony produced World at War, and that was by far the worst film in the series!

  15. Jan says
    12 November 12, 2:51pm

    I am looking forward to seeing the remake but I hope that they don’ t “muck this up” a good christian based movie that is well made, with a good character driven story line and that has a simply portrayed but without compromise Gospel message is whats needed. Basically “Excellent quality” Excellent Acing” Excellent Filming” Excellent storyline” (not much to ask then!) if we want to excite and arouse the interest (hopefully leading towards salvation) of the unsaved. If they cant make a good top notch quality movie using the resources they have got then dont do it because if there are those that say it is being done for God – then it needs to be the best there can be. The story within the story (the books – I think there were twelve in all) were overpadded in places but a condensed version with a few movies could work well with good writing/script. Anyway I hope this movie does turn out to be a surprise blockbuster hit and arouses much interest before and after it is shown. I believe we all need to pray towards that goal and that God will bring and use the right people on and in the movie.

  16. Kim says
    11 December 12, 1:41pm

    I dint notice wat most people are talkin about but one tin I no my faith was rekindled.
    No work done for d furtherance of the gospel is in vain

  17. carla Shelton says
    09 January 13, 8:02pm

    Loved the Left Behind Movies…

  18. Donna says
    12 January 13, 11:58am

    The first films were great….could tell they were low budget and needed to rework screenplay, but I found the actors all credible. Too bad there’s been a choke on that series; would have liked to seen it completed. I also have a little trouble watching atheists and agnostics on screen in religious parts. Sorry! No matter how good the effects and acting is. Go Sherwood Films and others that like to use talent among Christians. And we all know their goal: to reach…..where we can certainly question others: $$$$$$$$$$$

  19. Bob says
    13 January 13, 1:04pm

    The original movies weren’t horrible but they weren’t great either the movies were never by the book and World at War was a joke the only good thing about these movies was the message the movies came off as a remake of the book series but hopefully this time the New Left Behind movie will stay closer to the books then the first 3 movies ever did

  20. 14 January 13, 6:48am

    Why remake the movie. I think Kurt Kameron did a great job in the first 3. Making it “less religious” would be missing the point. Its supposed to be a movie that can be used as a witnessing tool to get people to think about what the Bible says about the end of times.

  21. LB says
    16 January 13, 5:20pm

    I sure hope you keep to the story line a whole lot better than the first go around. You practically rewrote the story. The books were bestsellers and the movies weren’t. That should tell you alot. I loved the books and the actors just not the scripts.

  22. M* says
    10 February 13, 2:50pm

    I’m kinda disappointed it’s only going to be the first few hours and the rapture. Upon having a brother who thinks everything I read (whether it be Left Behind or a teen fantasy novel) is stupid. My parents probably wouldn’t take me-they don’t believe in the Creation OR the End. I hope it is religious and well done. Considering that their movie bombed once, this one must be a lot better,

  23. Jennifer Pruitt says
    15 February 13, 4:05pm

    I had heard things about Nic Cage being involved with this and brushed it off as a joke! Now it’s true. Thankfully he’s not cast as Buck or Nicolae. Who is playing Bruce and Nicolae? I liked the movies and loved the books. This may be the shot in the arm to revitalize the franchise. I will have to be cautious about this. If this was a part 4, I would say set it around book 6 and bring back as much of the original cast as possible! Hopefully it will be better, more true to the book. Nic Cage may be a draw for this. To God be the Glory!

  24. Chris says
    18 February 13, 7:07am

    I loved the first Left Behind movie and love Nicolas Cage as an actor. Can’t wait to see this remake. Just don’t repeat the colossal blunder of releasing the dvd before the theater release. That was the mistake of the first Left Behind movie.

  25. Doralynn says
    21 February 13, 9:39pm

    I’m looking forward to this one, sounds like good casting. Cage is always watchable and fascinating, but I have reservations about Cloud 10. They don’t have a good track record, although I thought the third in the series was pretty good — not good enough for a wide theatrical release, but good enough for a TV special. Good luck, though. I hope you’ve learned from your past movie blunders and will blow the socks off everyone. Kudos on getting Cage.

  26. shane clark says
    01 March 13, 8:25am

    I wouldnt say the first ones were a flop. At least they carried a message with them. People dont understand that they didnt get enough funds to make the movies more appealing and seems to me nobody can hack what they get. I enjoyed the origonal left behinds. I watch them to this day because im a believer anf it reminds me if i dont believe in jesus than a whole world of pain awaits you. The only thing about this remake is that i hope it follows the books a little more.. so we will see how things go and how people will respond to it

  27. Jan says
    08 March 13, 4:34am

    I wrote a comment a while back – I am looking forward to this movie – but it is extremely important that if you are truly hoping to use it to get an uncompromising Gospel message across to the unsaved, the prodigals and even those Christians that may be having difficulties with their faith then we need to give the best we can – Let God Have full control and the resources will become more than enough. I really hope this movie doesn’t just materialise in a hurry only for the sake of making a quick buck. I would rather wait a bit longer and get a really good movie that does arouse interest and make people think than to get something that is done in a hurry albeit on a larger budget than the original movies. I believe this has the potential for a full series but if it is done carelessly and for the wrong reasons then it could be bad for future Christian oriented movies. It is extremely important that this movie is a massive success and for that we all need to pray.

  28. B. Alex says
    01 April 13, 4:56pm

    I’m always a little nervous about any remakes with any movies, but hopefully this remake will be good. All I hope for is that they get Gordon Currie as Nicolae again! He is so awesome!

  29. Annelie says
    01 April 13, 5:02pm

    I agree with you – I do hope they stick with the same Nicolae!


  30. Concerned says
    25 April 13, 12:33pm

    I am always excited to see new Christian movies come out, however I am not sure that the casting should be what it is. I know that we are all sinners, but Nicholas Cage for example… is he the “best” person to play in a Christian movie? Generally, Christian movies are made to spread the gospel and I am sorry, but a man who constantly takes Gods name in vain shouldn’t be being used as a role model. I understand that Ray isn’t a Christian in the series at first, but he does become one and should be played by a person who is Godly. If Cloud Nine is only out there to entertain and make money, then maybe they should be doing secular movies and step away from ones that should be spreading Gods word of salvation into the world. Cloud Nine… I pray that you don’t sell out Gods word for higher ratings and more money. To all of the people who say they are Christians and are excited for this movie.. you should be rethinking this as well. We shouldn’t sacrifice what is Godly for entertainment.

  31. Concerned says
    25 April 13, 12:36pm

    lol… I mean Cloud Ten in my above post 😉 And I fully agree with you Jan (above). God bless.

  32. Daniel says
    26 April 13, 4:25pm

    Of course Cloud Ten is only “out to make money”. The original three films deviated from the book series, and now they’ve almost completely alienated the series.

    In a Februrary, 21 2013 interview on, Tim LaHaye was quoted as saying that, “It’s probably the worst script I’ve ever read,” LaHaye told CP. “And I’ve read scores of them.”

    “The plot line is nothing like the book. The only thing they retain are the names of the people, and maybe places, There is no redemptive value to this movie,” he continued, while acknowledging that “it’s got a lot of intrigue.”

    Well, as long as they get certain things right, I guess it’s okay. Like, as long as they push the message that Christ is the redeemer of our sins who died on the cross for us and all that.

    I can’t believe they’ve got Chad Murray playing Buck. I just wonder who’ve they’ve cast as Nicolae. Martin Klebba is being rumored to take that mantle… but who knows right?

  33. Annelie says
    26 April 13, 4:59pm

    Do you have the link that article? I didn’t remember reading about that. I’m sure others would want to read it too.


  34. Joann says
    26 April 13, 11:01pm

    I like all of the Left Behind movies for the simple fact that they put the message of Jesus out there for the lost to see. I believe that the reason for the deviation from the books to the movies was because there was some difficulty between Jenkins & LaHaye and Cloud Ten pictures. I found all 14 books for the series very well written and biblically informative and the movies portrait the great acting skills of Kurt Cameron and the biblically factual interpretation of what it would be like to be Left Behind. Poor budget, low finances, whatever, the message of Jesus, the rapture, the rise of the false prophet and the antichrist was very clear as was the fate of those left behind.

    Hopefully the Lord will use this movie to bring salvation to Nicolas Cage and all the other unsaved actors in this picture and for once Nicholas Cages’ acting will bring Glory to the Lord instead of blasphemy.

  35. Josh Allen says
    29 April 13, 12:25pm

    Yes LaHaye didn’t like the script, but he also sounds biased. He’s the one who sued Cloud Ten in the first place. However Jerry B. Jenkins also read the script and said he liked it. He went on to say he was happy about the cast thus far. I’m getting pretty annoyed at people who think that Cloud Ten is in it for the money simply because they do not follow the books. They have stated many times that they want to reach a wider audience with the Gospel. I have read all the books and I frankly don’t care if they don’t follow them. That’s why we have both movies and books. they’re not the same thing! It’s one artist’s rendition of another artist’s creation. Go for it!

  36. LeAnna says
    12 May 13, 10:18pm

    I loved the first 2 movies but not the third. One thing I hate about movies based on books is they stray too much from the book. Reading the synopsis I can see this one wil also. Ray JR does NOT disappear from Chloe’s arms. However, having somewhat bigger named actors in this one should draw a good crowd and perhaps the message will lead some to the Lord, if it isn’t twisted by Hollywood. It will be interesting to see how it comes out.

  37. Dee says
    15 May 13, 11:08am

    The books are awesome, so much so I’ve read them 3 times..can’t wait for remake. The first dvd from the first film turned me off..if anyone saw that, they wouldn’t buy the opinion

  38. Annelie says
    15 May 13, 11:20am

    So many people loved the books and were disappointed with the first film. Still looking forward to this one though. Have you ever heard someone say the movie was BETTER than the book for any movie? There is still something beautiful and amazing about the written word!


  39. Tammy says
    28 May 13, 10:04pm

    In my humble opinion, only two movies stayed as close to the Best Selling Books as possible…Lonesome Dove and Gone With The Wind. The Left Behind series are my all-time favorite books, I hope this time around they’re able to do it justice…there couldn’t be a more important message.

  40. rose says
    02 June 13, 5:09pm


  41. Jan says
    04 June 13, 2:16am

    It is important to make sure that the quality, quantity, storyline of this movie is the best (especially if you are doing it for Godly reasons) possible as anything less would be a travesty. Put forward a good movie, make it exciting and character driven with a good gospel presentation and then you will have an audience for follow ups — One thing though – dont try to make movies out of each seperate book – Instead bring someof the books together and summarise them in an exciting good movie making fashion with a powerful gospel message. This rapture story does have potential but it would be a wasted opportunity if the people working on it and that are in it dont come up with something that attracts an audience and is good enough for those that see it initially to recommend seeing it to others. Word of mouth can do a lot of good so hopefully we wont get a movie that is nothing more than a mere travesty of what it actually can and should be. Of course there will always be those that disagree with it – but if this movie gets them tsalking and has an effect on them – then that in itself is saying a lot. This is an opportunity — DONT WASTE IT.

  42. Christi says
    23 June 13, 4:10pm

    I wish someone would remake the movie A Thief In The Night from The mid 70’s.

  43. CFDb says
    23 June 13, 4:13pm

    I hear ya, they are now trying to get funds to make a number 5, it really is to late to go on with the series, everyone is so old now, but maybe they will be using people not in the DVD series?

  44. Lori says
    23 June 13, 11:02pm

    BRINGING BACK GORDON CURRIE IS A MUST!!! He is excellent as Nicolae!!! I believe if they do not bring this actor back, the remake will never be seen as superior to the initial movies. As everyone watches the remake, they will always be analyzing it as a flop because Gordon Currie was not brought back as Nicolae!

  45. Annelie says
    24 June 13, 9:40am

    We really liked Nicolae in the first series as well. We believe a lot of people did!


  46. sal says
    03 July 13, 10:52pm

    Maybe they’ll get the story even remotely correct this time. The Left Behind Series doesn’t come close to how things will really be. Please read Matthew Chapter 24. The very elect are not the Jews.

  47. steve rose says
    09 August 13, 1:23pm

    I just heard about the remake so I went to the official movie website and something that struck me..I couldn’t find one mention of God or Christ!??! The synopsis made it sound like your standard post-apocalyptic Hollywood Blockbuster. Will be VERY disappointed if that turns out to be the case. I WOULD feel more assured if Kirk Cameron was involved since I know his faith is sincere regardless of what some think of his acting ability.

  48. steve rose says
    09 August 13, 1:29pm

    for those wondering about Nicolae, per the official website, he’s not even IN this version! Not sounding too good!

  49. shy rosie says
    21 August 13, 7:43pm

    How about stop picking things apart and give God the glory. It may not be prefect, but the ONE they are talking about is real. All praises to God Who has all things in control!!! Give Him glory for all things.

  50. Lisha says
    02 September 13, 3:00pm

    I understand how maybe the last of the left behind movies was not great, but the ones who say cheezy–not much of a budget there, they did try to bring a compelling message with actors who believe. I did like them, I felt a need to kneel and pray after watching them and the message is the point not the blockbuster. Each movie did touch me and others I can tell you that and if that is true then cloud pictures and those actors did a good job. I worry that in turning this movie into a big blockbuster will take away from the truth.

  51. Rachael Brown says
    09 September 13, 8:39pm

    Thanks for updating!! 🙂

  52. Craig Williams says
    23 November 13, 4:35pm

    Okay now we have seen all the photos and we seen all the video seek peeks and we have done all the talking when are wee going to see the finshed movie and trailer come on. I have all three movies and I am waiting for the new reboot

  53. Craig Williams says
    24 November 13, 6:50pm

    well this is a reboot and a orange story, From what I have seen and heard is that Nicolae will not be in the new reboot, but this is going to be a story of survival and trying to understand why the world is in tolerable

  54. Craig Williams says
    10 January 14, 10:26pm

    all right I am back I am still waiting for a trailer for the New Left Behind movie does anyone know anything ?

  55. Y.L. says
    01 February 14, 10:15pm

    Iight first of all to the “gentleman” who said something along the lines of “gangbangers or ex gangbangers can’t be christian” has obv never been to any hood across america, some of the most devout christians I kno happen to be ex Bloods or crips or even latin kings and yeah some of them still have ties to their hoods where u from or what youve done has nothing 2 do with if ur a true christian or not. Ok now that ive got that out my system, the first movoe was goodish the 2nd one was just painful, no other way to word it, and the second one was ok based on the brotha who played the former u.s. prez was pretty well acted, but the only one who stayed consistently believable through out the whole saga was whoever played the badguy global ruler. As for nic cage, I’ve seen a few movies he didn’t totally suck in, Con Air, Natl. Treause 2, World Trade Center, so I have some hope for this project, but for the love of all that is holy PLEASE KEEP THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL CAST EXCEPT WHOEVER PLAYED CARPATHIA FAR FAR FAR FAR AWY FORM THIS PROJECT! PLAIN AND SIMPLE THEY CAN’T ACT AND A MOVIE WITH PISS POOR ACTING WON’T SELL THEREFORE THE INTENDED MESSAGE DOESN’T GET OUT VERY MUCH.

  56. Y.L. says
    01 February 14, 10:40pm

    A couple areas where “World at War” went wrong: The Limo Convoy, the presidential limo is the most armored car in the world, no way a rpg would take it out, The part where the blonde woman gives the president a “ceramic” glock pistol, well yess the gun a: does actually sort of exist, the whole thing isn’t ceramic I.e. the spring, and. Not to mention the bullets, so so the metal detector would have been tripped, and finally I would have loved to see more of the actual war itself ( but then I’m a sucker for giant action or battle sequences) a few things it got right, the part where nicloie walks out of the just nuked building kind of reminded me of the cop from terminator 2 and was actually kinda cool looking, also the idea of a global resistance was cool implying not everyone would be instantly blinded by evil, and some would fight back with bullets and bombs not just spirtual methods, and finally the infection idea, but I wish they explained exactly what it was in the wine that counteracted the virus.

  57. Craig Williams says
    04 February 14, 6:33pm

    Now we have something, just last week the Left behind Facebook page just release a rough cut clip of the June 20th release of Left Behind reboot

  58. Sarah Zak says
    09 February 14, 2:20pm

    Where is Nicolae Carpathia? And why is the storyline being changed AGAIN. Raymie didn’t disappear from Chloe s arms, she was away at Stanford while he was home with their mother. Grumble.

  59. Annelie says
    09 February 14, 2:52pm

    It’s upsetting to anyone who has ever read the series. Every change is a little annoying.


  60. Craig Williams says
    27 February 14, 9:49pm

    I really don’t know what they are doing, so fare we have seen a clip of the movie and we have not seen or heard anything from left behind website

  61. James says
    18 March 14, 10:57pm

    Just wondering: Are there any Spirit-led actors in this movie? In other words, Born-Again Believers. I’m not trying to be exclusive, but if this is for the cause of Christ, shouldn’t people that are led by the Holy Spirit be the main actors? All I can go on is, “by their fruit, you shall know them.”

  62. Annelie says
    19 March 14, 5:55pm

    Good question, does anyone know the answer?


  63. craigwilliams says
    24 March 14, 3:45pm

    well to answer that one I would have to say no, the interviews with the actors would tell you. these actors in this movie will believe in there skill to be an actor and not be born again believe

  64. 10 April 14, 6:23am

    Just waiting the release of this movie and will go to theatres to watch because Nicolas Cage is one of my fav actor. The movie will be a best hit in 2014 and get award defiantly.

    Left Behind 2014 Review

  65. Marsha says
    10 June 14, 1:34pm

    The message in the Cloud Ten movies was dead on. Even if they were not top quality I really enjoyed watching them and still do. I hope with the bigger budget and bigger names the movie does not lose the message.

  66. Joester1976 says
    15 June 14, 5:45pm

    It definitely looks promising. The first 3 films were absolutely terrible. Lines too memorized, acting lame and the whole movie was cheesy. I want film where everything falls together and does the preaching not putting tons of preaching dialogue into the movie. Also I am tired of every christian movie trying to bring tears to your eyes. Mabye this film will change the way faith based movies will go. Bring me some serious action and keep me entertained while reminding me of the message of the gospel.

  67. 09 August 14, 10:01pm

    I got to see the full length trailer, we will have to waite until the movie comes out

  68. David MIller says
    19 August 14, 1:50pm

    Everyone is bashing the first Left Behind movies. They were well done and very Biblically accurate. I hope this one will be the same way with the special effects even better. The world needs to be thinking about the end times. I would like to see the books being sold more again too. The church where I pastor has been looking for the series for their library and has only found a few volumes here or there at library sales.

  69. Annelie says
    20 August 14, 7:27am

    Really looking forward to seeing this movie. As far as Biblical accuracy – remember these movies aren’t meant for that purpose. Most end time films are really trying to get people to realize that Jesus is coming back soon and to give their lives to Jesus before He returns. That’s the real focus. I know sometimes these films have things in them that may disagree doctrinally with one person or another but they do get people to discuss the end and Jesus’ return and salvation and that is the main focus and they do an excellent job of that.


  70. Angela says
    29 August 14, 2:05am

    [Spied the following on the web. Would love to see reactions to it.]

    Will Tim LaHaye Be Left Behind?

    The end is here – the end of millionaire Tim LaHaye’s big “Left Behind” cash cow!

    Even Dr. John Walvoord, the longtime No. 1 pretrib rapture authority, agrees with LaHaye’s big name critics (like John Piper and William Craig) that “Left Behind” theology is NON-BIBLICAL!

    Walvoord’s book “The Rapture Question” states on p. 168f that the wicked in Matthew 24 are “taken” first and the righteous are “left behind – which is just the OPPOSITE of the theological foundation of “Left Behind” books and movies (including the upcoming movie starring Nicolas Cage) where the righteous are “taken” first and the wicked are “left behind”!

    If Walvoord’s view of Matthew 24 is correct, is he actually saying that “righteous” Tim LaHaye will be among those who are “left behind”?

    For a riveting article on all this, Google “The ‘Left Behind’ Rupture” by journalist Dave MacPherson which Joe Ortiz aired on Aug. 12 on his widely read “End Times Passover” blog.

    To learn more about the Tim who’s been making LaHay while LaSun’s been shining, Google “LaHaye’s Temperament,” “Pretrib Rapture Diehards,” and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty.” The “Left Behind” theology is also seen in Google articles like “Pretrib Rapture Pride,” “Walvoord Melts Ice,” and “Thomas Ice (Bloopers).”

  71. CFDb says
    29 August 14, 9:02pm

    WOW, we just got a Chance to see this film and it did not disappoint, can’t wait to see the next one. It was a long movie, time wise, but you did not want it to end! Can’t wait to see it in theaters.

  72. Angela says
    14 September 14, 10:13pm

    The Pretrib Rapture Jackpot!

    by Bruce Rockwell

    Attention, writers. You can make a fortune by promoting the pretrib rapture!
    First, some background. As you know, pretrib began in Scotland in 1830. The earliest developers, including Edward Irving and John Darby, admitted that it was then a totally new view that had never been part of any church’s theology.
    They also admitted that it had suddenly sprung from only OT and NT “types” and “symbols” and not from any clear Bible statement!
    As late as 1957, pretrib expert John Walvoord admitted in “The Rapture Question” (p. 148) that “pretribulationism” is NOT “an explicit teaching of Scripture”!
    Since the early 1900s pretrib has been sold by novelists like Sydney Watson (in 1913) and by Salem Kirban whose “Left Behind”-type novel “666” came out in 1970 – the same year Hal Lindsey’s “The Late Great Planet Earth” started breaking sales records.
    The very first rapture novel titled “Left Behind” came from the joint pens of Peter and Patti Lalonde in mid-1995, resulting in some competitors being left behind.
    The pretrib rapture view, which admittedly is only an “inference” and not “explicit,” rests basically on verses in John 14, I Thess. 4, and I Cor. 15, none of which have either a “taken/left” separation or exciting, nail-biting scenarios that can “sell” pretrib.
    You have to go to Revelation’s action-packed chapters instead. When you do, you discover they can be tied to end time details found basically in the Olivet Discourse.
    As you know, pretribs believe in two stages; Stage 1 is the pretrib rapture which supposedly occurs several years before Stage 2 which is the posttrib second coming to earth.
    Since the three “rapture” chapters listed above don’t have any clear rapture-type separation between the “righteous” and the “wicked,” your best launching pad if you want to be a bestselling author is “the one shall be taken, and the other left” phrase in Matt. 24:40, 41 and Luke 17:34-36.
    Trouble is, Dr. Walvoord and many other pretrib leaders declare that the “one taken” are the “wicked” taken in judgment while the “righteous” are left! But since the average pew-sitters don’t seem to know this, you can easily convince them that the “one taken” is a sort of code for an any-moment pretrib rapture!
    And the pew-sitters don’t know that Walvoord etc. also teach that the same phrase is part of “non-imminent” Stage 2 which is posttrib (and not pretrib) and is on “Jewish” (and not “Church”) ground!
    In order to preserve and emphasize Stage 1 (the pretrib rapture), pretrib merchandisers in recent decades have been stretching forward various aspects found in Stage 2 and quietly applying them to Stage 1. Aspects include “the day of the Lord,” “God’s wrath,” “the taken/left phrase,” “the unknown day and hour,” and Christ’s coming “as a thief” (which is always tied to Armageddon and other posttrib events).
    (For more on the above Google “The Correct Answer to Who’s Taken” etc. on Joe Ortiz’s blog of Apr. 12, 2010. Also Google “Pretrib Rapture Stealth.”)
    Yes, I’ve told you how you can turn yourself into a bestselling, wealthy author.
    But unfortunately you have some competition because Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins have already become opportunists and made millions of dollars that are destined to be left behind!
    For more on them and their partners, Google “The ‘Left Behind’ Rupture,” “LaHaye’s Temperament,” “Jerry Jenkins Apologizes for Being Seen Gambling in Casinos,” “Pretrib Rapture Diehards,” “Thomas Ice (Bloopers),” “Walvoord Melts Ice,” “Famous Rapture Watchers,” “Margaret Macdonald’s Rapture Chart,” “Pretrib Rapture’s Missing Lines,” “Roots of Warlike Christian Zionism,” “Evangelicals Use Occult Deception,” “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy,” “Letter from Mrs. Billy Graham,” “Pretrib Rapture Politics” and “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty.”
    In closing let me say that Jeremiah 17:11 warns that “he that getteth riches, and not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool.”
    And you can bet on this!

    / Are you shocked by the article above which I found on the net? Please give me your assessment of it, okay? /

  73. tammy says
    22 September 14, 11:06pm

    For all who say this movie production is “crap”….because of the weak acting or budget/quality, I will take CRAP any day over GARBAGE. I am so glad people like Kirk Cameron and others are finally giving us some new chrisyian movies to see…not sure what to think of this one….just because it has Nicolas Cage…is he a christian?

  74. Annelie says
    23 September 14, 5:59am

    I don’t think Nicolas Cage is a Christian but perhaps by working on this series he may be influenced by those that are.

  75. Veronica Daze says
    29 September 14, 4:34am

    If a movie is made about something a certain religion believes and actors are hired, that is just what they are and their religion is no one’s business. I consider all of it a fairy tale and didn’t like the original movies and have no intention of watching this one because I am sick and tired of people making religious movies that are being pushed to promote Christianity. Sick of them all.

  76. cj says
    02 October 14, 4:15am

    all the babies are gone, how come? anyway this movie made the apocalypse becomes a fiction.

  77. mother hen says
    03 October 14, 6:40pm

    I just returned from watching ” Left Behind : now the end begins ” In the theater.

    It was a very good movie. I recommend it. Even though I don`t believe the rapture is Biblical. I believe Jesus will come one time and we won`t get a second chance.
    It still had good Christian values. And it was very well made.

  78. Susy says
    06 October 14, 1:12pm

    Don’t waste your money on this movie just out. It is horrible. Acting is bad and not much in it that was in the book. Well, the first chapter of the first book. Kurt Cameron’s movies put this one to shame. Typical Hollywood ruining good book.
    It was NOT a good movie and wasn’t made well at all but as I said, typical Hollywood made movie on Christianity. People in our audience were shaking their heads at the bad acting, bad story line and the fantasy of this movie. Have warned a lot of others to not see it. Two authors of Left Behind series bowed to greed instead of a good religious well made movie.

  79. Annelie says
    06 October 14, 4:18pm

    So sorry you didn’t like it – we’ve seen it twice and liked it even better the 2nd time.


  80. Lee says
    09 October 14, 8:57am

    This was a HORRIBLE remake. I left the theater VERY upset with the new direction of the movie. It was more a disaster movie about landing a plane, than a story of the return of Christ. VERY BAD REMAKE. Need David AR White or someone to RE REBOOT this thing.

  81. lisa says
    11 October 14, 4:39pm

    Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing while the daughter was about to jump from the bridge?

  82. Datrebor says
    20 October 14, 8:00pm

    I am looking forward to see this movie. Too bad for me the only theater close to me is not showing it. I’ve seen the pre-order for $26 a little high for a dvd. I loved the first 3 movies cheesy or not.

  83. Annelie says
    21 October 14, 7:17am

    Where did you see the Pre-order for $26? Please let me know.


  84. Lin says
    22 October 14, 9:07pm

    I personally liked all the Left Behind movies and have watched them many times over. I also read all the Left Behind books and enjoyed those as well.

    This is what I think…….God uses all kinds of ways to bring people to accept Jesus as their Savior. He will use this new movie as well. It plants a seed in a heart and that’s all it takes for it to grow.

    It doesn’t matter what people say about the movie or the production company… bad or how good. This is all about God. Just sit back and let God work. He is in control and could care less about negative opinions. If he created you and everything in the world then He can make something out of this too.

  85. Annelie says
    23 October 14, 8:39am

    Beautifully said!

  86. melissa says
    06 December 14, 8:18pm

    I loved this movie! Nuff said.

  87. Starnekia Williams says
    09 January 15, 11:47am

    I have to say that I was disappointed watching this new version of the movie. I was really looking forward to it. The thing that I loved about the first left behind was that it introduced the anti-christ and how some people will be tricked by him. The book even had him in it and that was what the movie was based on. We didn’t get to see how Buck, Chloe, or Rayford give there life over to Jesus. As matter of fact i really don’t remember anybody saying the Jesus was the way. They would say I remember mom talking about this, what is this you never give good details about. The movie just said they were in heaven, true but you should have said why them. If there is a part two please read the books and base them of the that. I felt they you where trying to make more of a love story then tell the truth.

  88. nicole taylor says
    10 January 15, 10:26pm

    Just saw the movie…not bad. I wouldn’t say it was great, but it was worth the seeing. It did not encompass the first book. It took longer to develop the characters and their relationships, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes movies have a tendency to rush the storyline of people’s lives before you get much insight into who they are before they “hit you” with the “bang”. The original ones (which I liked), did that to you a little. Cataclysmic event and then very quickly all the key players are serving Jesus and seem to have a brand new mindset. My question is now, are they going to continue on? This was very much just a beginning. Hoping since they started this thing that they plan to carry it more into the story.

  89. Annelie says
    11 January 15, 9:08am

    We haven’t heard yet if they are going to do a sequel. Once we find out we’ll add a film page.


  90. Laine's Martin says
    25 April 15, 8:07pm

    All I got to say is its not about the movie its about the message. GOD IS GOOD and you all have a blessed day

  91. Shira says
    06 May 15, 9:11am

    I never write reviews, but for this movie, the 2014 remake of “Left Behind”, I must. This is the most HORRIBLE remake ever!! I have read the entire series of books, have listened to the audiobook versions, and have watched all the original “Left Behind” series of movies. While none were a cinematographic masterpiece, I thoroughly enjoyed each movie, particularly the first. Yes, while it is not about the movie, but the word, the first movie was much more compelling, believable, and if I did not know the word, it would have certainly have peaked my interest enough to research the subject. This remake did not show some of the other factors involved: Israel, how the start of the rise of the antichrist comes about, the fight of good against evil, how arming yourself with the word of God protects against evil, etc. I sat through this remake looking on in total disbelief. What a travesty of a remake!!!

  92. Annelie says
    08 May 15, 9:43am

    They are making a sequel it looks like so put the filmmakers in much prayer as a lot of people go to see their films.

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