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Light, Streets of Redemption

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Film Synopsis:

If a man loses his soul, can he get it back? Jonathan Crane is a youth pastor who grew up in the rough streets of a small town. Now he’s turned his life around and is helping others to do so, but when the love of his life is brutally murdered, will Jonathan turn his back on God? Will he seek revenge and return to his form of street justice? Or will an angel sent as a messenger from God be able to save him from making a decision that will change the path of his life forever?

The angel through the power of God gives Jonathan a gift. That gift is the power of seeing in to the past for each person that he touches. Jonathan can now see in to the crossroads of peoples lives, to help him understand the bondage of a person by life circumstance, rather than judging them only based on their outside appearance. Will this be enough to turn his heart back to forgiving mercy, to help him be the light to the world rather than darkness?

This compelling movie helps us to see the bondage of darkness, and the freedom of the light.

  • Eulice Adkins … Sam
  • Amanda Allen … Carissa Crane
  • Justin Allen … Jonathan Crane
  • Jay Bell … Line Up #1
  • Craig Taylor Brown … Roman Centurion
  • Stephen Byrne … Disciple
  • Ricky Castro … Disciple
  • Christian Chaffin … Disciple
  • Vernon Corum … Line Up #2
  • Darrell Crowe … Roman Guard
  • Nate Cundiff … Line Up #5
  • Carina Denney … News Reporter
  • Tom Evenson … Captain Thomas
  • Corey Fordham … Officer Barlow
  • Benjamin Frith … Boy with Pigeons
  • Elijah Gray … Joseph / Disciple
  • Dan Hartley … Roman Guard
  • Missy Hartley … Crowd
  • Thomas Hartley … Toddler Jesus
  • J.R. … Man Leading Donkey
  • Martha Janczura … Jewish Woman
  • Amanda Long … News Anchor
  • Dan McMahan … Roman Guard
  • Grant McMahan … Disciple
  • Eddie Moles … Jesus Christ
  • Anderson Moyers … Computer Guy
  • Taylor Newman … Crowd
  • DeWayne Petty … The Angel
  • Brad Phillips … EMS Responder
  • Sandra Pinkoski … Leper Woman
  • Mark Potts … EMS Driver
  • Charlie Robinson … Store Clerk
  • Mike Shell … Line Up #4
  • Debra Shultz … Homeless Lady
  • Keith Shultz … Father McNamara
  • H. John Smith … Hotel Clerk
  • Hagen Smith … Chad’s Brother
  • Hunter Chad Smith … Chad
  • Lester Smith … Angel
  • Snowball … Donkey
  • Sarah Stewart … Girl with Chicken
  • Nate Teague … Fallen Angel
  • Randall Timko … Louie
  • Elisa Vandergriff … Girl with Chicken
  • Houston Vandergriff … Store Front Boy
  • Katie Umstead Vandergriff … 911 Caller
  • Maranda Vandergriff … Mary
  • Robbie Vandergriff … Boy Jesus
  • Elizabeth Ward … Baby Jesus
  • Christian Willson … Disciple
Company: DDXmedia
Contact Person: Bob Denney
Phone: 865-776-2793

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  1. Mary Jo Ohren says
    20 January 12, 3:12am

    This has been such & amazing experience watching this film come together & once it has been complete WOW IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT I GIVE IT 100 STARS WAY BEYOND 5 !!!! May your light SHINE !!!!! Drink some cho milk when you watch this film if you want it warm well it will warm up on its own with all the warm amazing feelings that come from with in your heart then you will have some hot cho. in your hands that’s for sure !!! Enjoy and please get your copy today & have all your loved ones get it as well !!! May you have a very blessed day & let your LIGHT SHINE !!!! GOD BLESS <3 Love Always Your Sis Mary Jo Da God Squad <3

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