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Lightning Strikes Twice

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Lightning Strikes Twice

Film Description:

Musician/Comedian Ray Ross is a control freak who likes things to be “just so.” But life isn’t that way. Five years ago, he lost his wife and singing partner Gaylene to cancer. Then, he lost a son in the Gulf War. His 17 year old daughter Gail is an Evangelical at heart, as her mother was; but she’s been hurt by circumstances and manmade doctrines and has decided to attend a Bible-denying Social Gospel church (“better social than antisocial”) and to join the Goth movement. Now, Ray’s second wife and singing partner Raylene is dying of the same kind of cancer that took Gaylene.

The story centers on the dysfunctional relationships between Ray, Raylene and Gail. All of them care for each other, and yet all of them are at odds. When the situation becomes intolerable, Ray in particular finds partial resolution in deciding to just be a better person and to put others first. But he won’t find FULL resolution until he yields to the power of Jesus to transform his life. And when he asks Gail to pray for him to help him achieve that, BOTH of them find their lives changed.

While there are some comic moments, and a large amount of music as we see portions of several of Ray and Raylene’s concerts, this is at heart a serious, thought-provoking drama.

Look at at another way, it’s a Christian-themed film intended for a general audience (the people who need to see it most). It contains a large amount of conflict, several acts of disrespect and sarcasm, some physical violence, implied sex, and one on-screen death. It should be considered a mild PG13 equivalent.

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Lightning Strikes Twice - Christian Movie Screenshot 2

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Film Cast

  • Jennifer Cha – Raylene Ross
  • Doug Phillips – Ray Ross
  • Brittany Noelle Kamrath – Gail Ross
  • Landyn Banx – Nick Bartleman
  • Rachel Grubb – Dr. Sylvia Briscoe
  • KariAnn Craighead – Loretta the Groupie
  • Paul Cram – Jack
  • Joel Thingvall – Pastor Wilson
  • Kristen Hirsch Montag – Lisa
  • Lesley Simons – Gail Ross Age 13
  • Donna Marie Beard – Dr. Birnam
  • Andy Winters – Military Representative
  • Mary M. Schewe – Hospital/Homecare Nurse
  • Sarah Talcott – Hospital Nurse
  • Kathryn Vento – Homecare Nurse
  • Amber Barnett, J.D. – Justice of the Peace
  • Hope Kimmel – Church Service Leader
  • Rachel Christine – Second Groupie
  • Kendall Kent – Bully Girl/Hospital Receptionist
  • Kelly Barry-Miller – Answering Service Voice
  • Kathleen Holland – Switchboard Operator
  • Rachel M. Schewe – Bullied Girl
  • Christopher Tackaberry – Bartender
  • Lori Sabin – Church Organist
  • Marsha Phillips – Gaylene Ross
  • H T Altman – Ronnie Ross
  • Rebecca Phillips – Baby Gail Ross/Baby Ronnie Ross

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Northern Iron Productions Representative: Doug Phillips
Phone: 715 736 0485 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details


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