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A Little Christmas Business

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A Little Christmas Business

Film Description:

A Little Christmas Business – The story revolves around Baldwin’s character, who is caught up in the turmoil of corporate America, and so busy with his job that he’s beginning to neglect family.

Don Collier has a wonderful life and family, but no time to enjoy either. His impossible boss even has him collecting signatures for a huge project the day before Christmas, but as he goes office to office it seems that every signer is a ghost from his past, and he soon begins to wonder if this is coincidence… or heavenly intervention.

Re-Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Topic: Christmas

Film Cast

  • Daniel Baldwin … Don Collier
  • Tammy Barr … Kathy Collier
  • Lorenzo Lamas … Billy Baxter
  • Bo Hopkins … Coach Morris
  • Leslie Easterbrook … Linda Collier
  • Yankie Grant … Flora Collier
  • Corbin Timbrook … Gordon Snell
  • Gib Gerard … J.D. Dee Jay
  • Shawna Craig … Mary
  • Connor Pryce … David Collier
  • Bob Boudreaux … Santa Collier
  • Shelby Janes … Gina
  • Landon Brooks … Little Jimmy
  • Ian Fitzsimmons … Gabe
  • Eddie Bauer Jr. … Store Clerk
  • Julitta Pourciau … Cheryl
  • Al Hayter … Sinister Man
  • Sarah Wyckoff … Mitilda – Lady in store
  • John Mastrangelo … Bartender
  • Matt Mathews … McAlbright
  • Sam Hoger … Store Clerk 2
  • Ronnie Kemch … Radio Station Worker
  • Deborah Gaffney … Reporter
  • Meredith Miniat … Nurse Jenny

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Film Details

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