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Little-Known Miracles of God’s Creation

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Little-Known Miracles of God’s Creation

Film Description:

Little-Known Miracles of God’s Creation – Come with us to explore some little-known miracles of God’s animal creation. Hidden away in your backyard and on the other side of the globe are amazing examples of how sophisticated and entertaining God’s animals really are. When God created the animals, He put His skill on display in countless ways for those who take the time to study nature.

Using bright vivid images of live animals, naturalist Matthew Priebe explores a variety of animals to see what they are waiting to teach us. From playful Sea Otters covered by the thickest fur of any mammal, to Millipedes who defend themselves with chemicals, we see how animals survive in unusual ways. Familiar Fish display thousands of different lifestyles, while Narrow-mouth Toads have virtually unknown behaviors. Witness feisty Alligator Lizards, cute Puffins, gentle Salamanders, Birds that will amaze you, and much more.

Finally, we will examine the ideas behind Intelligent Design, and its strengths and weaknesses. So join us for a visual tour of the beauty and majesty of creation.

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Topic: Creation/Science

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