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Little Notes to Heaven

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Little Notes to Heaven

Film Description:

Amelia is a young woman that has lived her whole life sheltered away in a pain ridden household. Her older step brother Erik uses his drive to create a perfect family as an excuse to control and abuse the power he has over her. However, when the young and ambitious Kyle courts Amelia through the use of little love notes, he teaches her how to break through her family struggles, helping her live a life filled with love, adventure and trust in God. A journey filled with romance, drama and loss, ‘Little Notes to Heaven’ is the touching love story for this young generation.

Release Date: (VOD) 2017

Film Cast

  • Caroline McDonald … Amelia
  • Cody Hallford … Kyle
  • Anthony Cervantes … Erik
  • Andrea Flowers … Renee
  • James Keith Johnston … James
  • Carson Cockrell … Anthony
  • Hayden Evans … Gator
  • Kimberly Dargis … Klarice
  • Ryan Maddon … Taylor
  • Troy Gyant … Conrad

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Unseen Path Productions Representative: Cody Hallford
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Film Details

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