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Lonesome Dove Church

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CFDb Review:

This film gives you a lot to think about from beginning to end.  Great cinematography and musical score as well.

Lonesome Dove Church

Film Description:

Lonesome Dove Church – The true story of the formation of the Lonesome Dove Church in Texas.

Inspired by the true story of the building of the Lonesome Dove Church in Grapevine, Texas, LONESOME DOVE CHURCH follows Pastor JOHN SHEPARD, who discovers his estranged son ISAAC is now an outlaw wanted for murder. He sets out to find him and “save” his soul. When he finds Isaac he’s hiding out from men he’s robbed. He reluctantly agrees to accompany John and preach with him in exchange for John hiding him in the back of his wagon and sneaking him out of town.

Dove Review!

“The Lonesome Dove Church is still in Texas to this day but when it was built in 1846 life was very different. This is a story of a minister and his son Isaac, their differences and the road they took to get the church built in the small sinful town of Grapevine, Texas. John and Isaac had been separated for a long time and when John saw a wanted poster of Isaac he knew he had to find his son and get him back into the Lord’s flock.

The route took John on a rescue mission for Isaac to help his son be delivered from the evil that was chasing him. The story is one that has been told before about the old west, with gun fights, a stage coach robbery, and evil men creating their own justice. But this one also tells of one man’s Christian faith that turns his own son’s life around and leads to the building of a church. It was needed in the small western town.”

Release Date: (DVD) March 24, 2015

(Parental Warning)

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Topic: Western

Lonesome Dove Church - Christian Movie/Film, John Shepherd - Screenshot

Film Cast

  • Tom Berenger … John Shepherd
  • Bruce Blain … Hillbilly
  • Mike Garthwaite … Jose sanchez
  • Philip Granger … Pastor Simmons
  • Serge Houde … Charles Stone
  • Noel Johansen … Accountant
  • Nicole Oliver … Nancy Shepherd
  • Alex Zahara … Butch Henley

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Nasser Entertainment Group Representative:
Phone: (818) 505-8030 Fax: (818) 505-1102
Email: Contact Address: 11350 Ventura Blvd Suite #101, Studio City, CA 91604

Film Details

Lonesome Dove Church, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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    Loved This Film!

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