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The Lonesome Trail

Sneak Preview
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The Lonesome Trail


Film Description:

The Lonesome Trail is about Preacher Brent Carson’s commitment to God to spread the gospel and help all people migrating to the town of Red Springs Montana to find a home. Mike McCray has a iron will and want to keep his territory the same and not let anyone change it. Jonah, Preacher Brent’s son, turns from his father and the church because of a tragic event that happens which causes Jonah to resent his father and the homesteaders.

Release Date: (Churches) July, 2015

Release Date: (DVD, Video on Demand) Summer, 2016

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Category: Forgiveness

Preacher Brent and Sister Elizabeth

Building in Red Springs

  • Donald Imm – Mike McCray
  • Peter Wray- Preacher Brent Carson
  • Lamont Easter – Bill Barnaby
  • Antoinette Fisher – Alice Barnaby
  • Mitchell Ross – Matt Barnaby
  • Conlin McHugh – Jonah Carson
  • James Poole – Joshua Carson
  • Vaughn Bullard – Cody
  • Walker Hays – May
  • Velta Moore – Marybell
  • Kendra North – Sister Francis
Company: Fruit of the Spirit Productions
Contact Person:
Email: Email Contact

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