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The Long Ride Home

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“Dead or Alive Justice Will Be Served”



The Long Ride Home


Film Description:

The Long Ride Home – Jack Fowler (Randy Travis) was mistaken for a cold-blooded killer. Now he must find the real murderer before a blood-thirsty posse hangs him for a crime he didn’t commit.

Set in the Old West in the late 1860s, The Long Ride Home also stars Eric Roberts and Ernest Borgnine.

The Long Ride Home

  •   Randy Travis … Jack Fowler/Jack Cole
  •   Eric Roberts … Sheriff Hank Bowman
  •   Ernest Borgnine … Lucas Moat
  •   Vaughn Taylor … Laura Fowler
  •   Paul Tinder … Deputy Hart
  •   Alec Medlock … Daniel Fowler
  •   Steve Nave … Caleb Moat
  •   Jeff McGrail … Kyle Moat
  •   Garry Marshall … Arthur
  •   Michele Calcin … Miriam
  •   Stella Stevens … Fiona Champyon
  •   Rance Howard … Old man
  •   Jerry Doyle … Sheriff
  •   Jeff Dolan … Deputy
  •   Sam Dolan … Billy
  •   Peter Sherayko … Father Thadeus
  •   Sal Cardile … Gustis
  •   Larry A. Zeug … Prisoner #1
  •   Dan Erwin … Cousin Larry
  •   Elizabeth Tinder … Maid
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The Long Ride Home, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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