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Lost Penny

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Lost Penny

Film Description:

LOST PENNY tells the story of teen-aged Penny, who wants nothing more than to get away from her over-protective Mother and find the father she never knew. Penny finds a mysterious box with the words “Open Me” scrawled on top.

She is transported to an underworld Dance Club where she must “Play the Game” to get her wish. She comes across an assortment of characters. She doesn’t know who to believe when Tenshi turns up and shows her the sinister reality of the Club. Penny’s only hope to escape lies in the hand of a stranger…

Release Date: (DVD) May, 2016

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Film Cast

  • Rachael McOwen – Penny
  • Victoria Guthrie – Mother
  • Andrew Roth – Tenshi
  • Christopher Elliott – Lucien
  • Stephen Velichko – Gadget
  • Victoria Murdoch – Fudge
  • Melanie Gaydos – Hostess
  • Hannah Ladwig – Runaway
  • Kevin Connelly – Shadow Genie
  • William G. Hobbs – Pirate
  • Robert Tanos – Enforcer
  • Isaac Mitchell – Bouncer
  • Todd Melville – Security Check
  • Paul Hoerdt – Dealer
  • Tia Blake – Red Dancer
  • Thomas – Nelson Harbinger

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Film Details

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