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Lost Wilderness

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Lost Wilderness

Film Description:

Lost Wilderness – Two families dealing with death and divorce are pressured to bond together during an outdoor vacation. The four would-be siblings wander out of bounds on their ATV’s in search of an ancient relic. They soon find themselves lost in the woods and ill equipped to deal not only with the rugged terrain but the emotional pain they have brought with them.

The epic and stunning locations serve as a metaphor for the seductive beauty of the relationships together with the perils and challenges that can be found within them. This is a story of hope and overcoming, full of humor and fun. Its a coming of age tale not only for kids, but for parents as well.  

Release Date: (DVD) July 8, 2015

Film Cast

  • Artine Brown … Kyle
  • Connor Beardmore …Dom
  • Matteo Stefan … Jase
  • Tanner Saunders … Pill
  • Irmari Steyl-Basson … Tanis
  • Emma Lindsay … Marli

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Film Details

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  1. kim blaviins says
    29 January 17, 10:18am

    WELL !!! this has to be the worst film i have ever had the misfortune to sit through !! Not only was the plot ridiculous…the acting was a disgrace and the continuity was frankly appalling ….even the guy playing the part of Jason failed to notice that he injured his RIGHT foot but upon returning from hospital the LEFT foot was in a cast.

    An insult to the viewing public !! Maybe all those involved with the making of this film should pray to God that He would lead them all into new careers ….well away from the film industry !!

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