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Love 101: Freshman Class

Sneak Preview
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Love 101: Freshman Class

Film Description:

Love 101: Freshman Class – The Bible tells the amazing story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel. Jacob married Leah, an average-looking girl, after being tricked by her father. Jacob made a deal with her father to marry Leah, who bore him many sons, but work for seven years to marry the woman he really loved–Leah’s beautiful sister Rachel. Jacob eventually married Rachel, who finally gave birth to two sons–Joseph and Benjamin.

This story of love, envy, temptation and sibling rivalry is adapted into a modern-day film titled “Love 101.” “Love 101” sets this intriguing Biblical love story in a modern high school with a cast of young, naïve classmates on a quest to find out what love really is.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Topic: Premarital Sex

Love 101: Freshman Class, Christian Movie/Film Banner

Love 101: Freshman Class, Christian Movie/Film Banner 2

Film Cast

  • Sarah LeJeune … Leah
  • Tra Norwood … Joseph
  • Jack Ramey … Jacob
  • Haleigh Johnson … Rachel
  • Shanice Shudder … Kia
  • Grant Kairdolf … Ferd
  • Taylor Bennett … Brittney
  • Ricky Burchell … Eli
  • Madison Carney … Madison
  • Garry Carter … Police Officer
  • Kyle Cooper … Church Musician
  • Lisa Cooper … Church Musician
  • Barry Edwards … Mr. Parson
  • Beth Edwards … Mrs. Parsons
  • Meagan Fernandez … Girl In Park
  • Savannah Lyle … Gina
  • Patrick Maley … Lad Teacher
  • Maria McCormick … Principal
  • ‘Q’ Rankins … Student
  • T’avis Rogers … Football Player
  • Alex Sauceman … L.B.
  • Savannah Somerville … Taylor
  • Dakotah Tate … Football Player
  • Rob Tate … Coach
  • Patti Nicole Wheeler … Teacher

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Film Details

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