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Loving the Bad Man

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CFDb Review!

What a POWERFUl Christian film. We HIGHLY recommend this film. True Christianity in action. True forgiveness. Great job!  Check out the CFDb Blog about this film!  CFDb Blog

Film Synopsis:

When a Conservative Christian Girl gives birth to a son who was conceived in rape, she struggles to forgive the man who violated her by visiting him in prison and forging an unlikely bond.

An idealistic and nurturing young conservative Christian girl named Julie gets a flat tire on her way to do volunteer work. At a sleazy bar nearby, she seeks the aid of Mike, a drunk and angry mechanic. He changes Julie’s tire but then forces himself on her. Julie manages to drive home but passes out before making it inside. Her parents find her in the bushes. At the hospital, the family is happy to learn that Mike is in police custody. The mood changes quickly when the doctor announces that Julie is pregnant.

  • Alexander Alonso ~~~ Detective Miguel
  • Carol Antoine ~~~ Customer #2
  • Stephen Baldwin ~~~ McQuade
  • Raul Barrios ~~~ Guard #5
  • Jason Bartley ~~~ Cop #1
  • Jeff Beal ~~~ Prison Doctor
  • Mike Benitez ~~~ Danny
  • Juan C. Bofill ~~~ Byron
  • Peter Bofill ~~~ Old Timer #3
  • Sean Borchert ~~~ Jed
  • David Brewster ~~~ Customer #2
  • Robert Cardoso ~~~ Bus Driver
  • Jesus Castillo ~~~ Inmate #3
  • Sofia Citarella ~~~ Desiree
  • Luz Collazos ~~~ Customer #3
  • Elizabeth Conigliaro ~~~ Customer #1
  • Andrea Conte ~~~ Tina
  • Peter Cordova ~~~ Rick the bartender
  • Antoni Corone ~~~ Ed Thompson
  • Chris Darson ~~~ Bar Drinker
  • Luis Da Silva Jr. ~~~ Alejandro Garcia De La Paz
  • Susan Dean ~~~ Lora
  • Helena DeTorres ~~~ Nurse #1
  • Chris Devico ~~~ Shop Guy #2
  • Nancy Duerr ~~~ Dr. Smith
  • Ricardo Echenique ~~~ Roof Guard
  • Vivian Engert ~~~ Michelle’s daughter
  • Arturo Fernandez ~~~ Mike Conner
  • Omar Fernandez ~~~ Cop #2
  • Jennifer Gall ~~~ Bar Girl
  • Elena Maria Garcia ~~~ Customer #1
  • Rob Goodman ~~~ Birth Doctor
  • Pride Grinn ~~~ Processing Guard
  • David Hemphill ~~~ Cole
  • Brandon Herbert ~~~ Shop Guy #1
  • Juan Hernandez ~~~ Guard #4
  • Edina Horváth ~~~ Nurse #2
  • Keith Hudson ~~~ Phil
  • Kevin Humes ~~~ Guard #6
  • Christine Kelly ~~~ Julie Thompson
  • Mark Lainer ~~~ Prison Guard #2
  • Steve Lantz ~~~ Charlie
  • Robert Larson ~~~ Old Timer #1
  • Marlene Marcos ~~~ Nurse Sarah
  • R. Michael McWhorter ~~~ Tattoed Skinhead
  • Natalie Miller ~~~ Sandy
  • Stephanie M. Miller ~~~ Lab Tech
  • Finesse Mitchell ~~~ Juni
  • Pedro Moreno ~~~ Manny
  • Rick Mosseri ~~~ Prison mechanic
  • Cord Newman ~~~ Inmate #2, Stunts
  • Joel Osteen ~~~ Joel Osteen
  • Kim Ostrenko ~~~ Marion Thompson
  • Robert Paget ~~~ Bar Fly
  • Israel Perez ~~~ Guard #1
  • Nelson J. Perez ~~~ Detective
  • Josh Randall ~~~ Joey Thompson
  • Raeann Reinhardt ~~~ Ashley Loomis
  • Curtis Rogers ~~~ Bar Drinker
  • Erzsebet Salamon ~~~ Michelle
  • Janice Sellas ~~~ Bar Drinker
  • Stephen T. Sinkle ~~~ Bar Drinker
  • George Smith ~~~ Cecil
  • Ryan Thor ~~~ Tyler
  • Ava Tyler ~~~ Baby Arthur #2
  • Olivia Tyler ~~~ Baby Arthur #1
  • Albert Valladares ~~~ Inmate #1, Stunts
  • Nick Volpe ~~~ Vince Pendergrass
  • Kevin A. Walton ~~~ Cyrus
  • Tim Ware ~~~ Terry
  • Dorjan Williams ~~~ Gang Member
  • Martin Mayen Zelada ~~~ Old Timer #2
  • Steve Zurk ~~~ Mr. Loomis
  • Shayne Leighton ~~~ Jail Visitor
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Loving the Bad Man, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Kelli says
    23 December 11, 5:51pm

    I really want to see this movie.I have been waiting every since Stephen Baldwin talked about it on Baldwin and McCullough talkradio.Please let me know when we can see this or buy on dvd.Thanks Kelli

  2. Annelie says
    27 December 11, 7:03am

    We are still trying to get information as to the release date but nothing has been announced yet. As soon as we know something
    we’ll update the film page as well as include the information in our CFDb newsletter.


  3. Alisa says
    20 January 12, 10:18am

    I have also been waiting forever (it seems) for this movie to be released. I seen the previews for it at Winter Jam 2011 at Little Rock, Arkansas and immediately started looking forward to its release date. Has the production team provided any explanation why it is taking so long for it to be released? Just anxious to see it……I think it will be a big eye-opener for a lot of people in many different ways!!

  4. katheenmarie says
    06 February 12, 1:01pm

    My daughter and I also have been waiting anxiously for this movie since seeing it advertised at winterjam 2011, it looks like its gonna be really good. Whenever i ask about it the majority of the people have never heard of it including the local Christian bookstore. Is it released yet? Any word?

  5. Annelie says
    06 February 12, 1:23pm

    Still no word as to the release date! We’ll update the page as soon as we know and will include in our newsletter the month it comes out!


  6. Elizabeth Robison says
    20 March 12, 3:46pm

    I to have been long awaiting this movie. Just seeing the pre-view at winter jam touched me let alone being able to watch the whole movie. I have checked every christian book store and movie place I go into. They say they have never heard of it.

  7. Annelie says
    20 March 12, 4:15pm

    According to their FB page, they hope to have this released in April or May of this year.


  8. melissa says
    29 April 12, 7:04am

    I feel the same way!! I am speaking also for the young Adults group in my church! We saw the pre view for this film at Winter jam concert in 2011.. waiting and planning to see it as soon as it comes out!! will this film come out into theaters? or just to DVD?

  9. Annelie says
    29 April 12, 10:03am

    This should be released to DVD only.


  10. Ashley says
    11 July 12, 12:29pm

    Its being released on DVD on July 10, 2012

  11. Ashley says
    11 July 12, 12:35pm

    Sorry it’s Aug 7, 2012

  12. Duke says
    15 August 12, 4:57pm

    Watched it for the second time. This film will touch hearts worldwide. A must see for all.

  13. Annelie says
    06 May 13, 12:39pm

    Cindy says…The theme of the movie was great. The Bible certainly instructs us to show forgiveness. There were also instances of redemption, laying down your life for another, kindness, reaching out to others.

    For Cindy’s FULL Movie Review –


  14. Tralesa says
    15 June 13, 1:17am

    I just finished watching this movie and it is highly unrealistic. It is also teaches a false understanding of forgiveness. I discouraged anyone from watching this “fake” Christian movie.

  15. Annelie says
    16 June 13, 10:19am

    I’m so sorry you feel that way. There are many amazing stories of forgiveness in real life and God commands us that we must forgive in order for our sins to be forgiven. Not saying it’s easy…it can’t be done without God’s help. There was a true story about a woman whose son was murdered and years later she fully forgave the man that killed her son and became a mentor to this young man and he even moved next door to her and they are in ministry now. One of the most amazing stories of forgiveness I’ve ever seen. This is just one story of many with true forgiveness in the most difficult of circumstances.


  16. Christina says
    16 August 13, 5:07am

    This was, to me, a very well-written film. Mike Connor and the prisoners were realistic, even to the point in which language and violent acts were used. Julie’s family is revealed to be hypocritical and harsh, almost as difficult as the criminals themselves could be, and I admire the way that the film shows us that we as Christians can be guilty of sin, too. Julie is a very strong, but I’m glad they showed a scene of her struggling to sleep at night after the baby is born (any parent could relate to that). Spoiler Alert: As much as I know that they tried to show the other Christian store employee as a nice guy, I didn’t like him. I found myself actually wanting Mike and Julie to get together by the end of the movie, even though I resented him in the beginning of the film. I also wanted to smack her dad a few times. LOL This movie is available on Netflix for streaming if you have an account, and though I wouldn’t recommend it for children or anyone under 16 or so, I would highly recommend it for adults.

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