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Film Synopsis:

Luke Rogers (Jeremy Jones, Decision) started out on the right path, but when his dad (John Schneider, What Would Jesus Do?) walked out when Luke was just a boy, his world came crashing down. Now working as a bartender to make ends meet, Luke is slowly losing his way.

Between the enticements of the nightclub scene and a reluctance to fully commit to his devoted girlfriend (Nicole Gale Anderson, “Jonas”), Luke’s crisis of faith is coming to a head. Will he ultimately succumb to temptation or can he take control of his life and try to forge a new bond with his estranged father? Featuring a great cast including Jason Burkey (October Baby), Jenna von Oÿ (“Blossom”) and Bill Cobbs (The Ultimate Gift), and a universal message of hope, LUKEWARM is an inspiring tale of faith, forgiveness and redemption.

  • John Schneider … Bill
  • Nicole Gale Anderson … Jessie
  • Jenna von Oÿ … Rose
  • Bill Cobbs … Thomas
  • Jason Burkey … Sam
  • Randall Franks … Pastor John Keebley
  • John Michael Weatherly … Policeman
  • Jet Jurgensmeyer … Young Luke
  • Katie Groshong … Police Woman
  • Jeremy Jones … Luke Rogers
  • Brett Pack … Matthew
  • Rusty Whitener … George
  • Laura Kweller … Luzy
  • Mike Parker … Harry
  • Jake Speck … Friend 1
  • Lawrence Mathis … Thug
  • Stephanie Porterfield … Nurse
  • Preston Douglas … Virgil
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Lukewarm, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. 24 August 13, 9:41am

    I enjoyed watching Lukewarm. It references itself as a Christian movie throughout, which is good. It certainly is a tale of forgiveness and redemption through Jesus Christ. On the negative side: There was more than one storyline, and I did not feel that it flowed seamlessly. The character Matthew, who shows up out of the blue to steal Luke’s girlfriend was not well-introduced and integrated into the movie. And toward the end, Matthew buys the bar where Luke once worked…what’s that got to do with anything? On the positive side: The character Thomas Jones was depicted as a powerful witness for the Lord. In spite of being persecuted and beaten, almost to the death, Thomas continues to try and share Jesus with the guy who hurt him. The part of Luke, the main character, was certainly realistic. He is a Christian who, straddling the fence by working as a bartender, falls into sin. At the same time, the Holy Spirit never stops convicting him, and at the end he comes back to the Lord, finishing strong. John Schneider plays Luke’s dysfunctional dad. I thought Mr. Schneider did an excellent job, and the scenes depicting Luke’s relationship with his dad as a boy did a good job of explaining the bad decisions Luke made later in life. In the end, God is victorious in the lives of all the characters, and that’s what a good Christian movie is all about.

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