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Machine Gun Preacher

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I couldn’t watch the full film as there is a lot of heavy language, especially in the first 20 minutes of the film.  I did get to see parts of it and what I saw really impacted my life.  I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know that this was still going on, and I had never heard of this evil man, Kony.  I wish this film didn’t have the language in it as it is a film that people need to see.  I can’t recommend this film for that one reason alone.  They are making a documentary and I hope that can be shown everywhere.  In the meantime, Christians need to unite and truly pray against this evil being done in the Sudan, and we also need to help those that are in the front lines.

Machine Gun Preacher

Film Description:

Gerard Butler (300) delivers a searing performance in this explosive, action-packed story of an inspiring real-life hero. Butler stars as Sam Childers, a drug-dealing criminal who undergoes an astonishing spiritual transformation and makes a life-changing decision to travel to war-torn East Africa.

After witnessing unspeakable horrors faced by innocent children, he vows to save them at any cost, including his own safety. Childers begins waging a relentless battle against the territory’s renegade militia, leading harrowing missions behind enemy lines to rescue kidnapped orphans and restore peace to their lives – and eventually his own.

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Check Out Another Film Made About Sam Childers “Machine Gun Preacher Documentary

Machine Gun Preacher - Christian MovieFilm DVD,Blu-ray Sam Childers,Gerard Butler

Machine Gun Preacher Movie

Another Man's War: The True Story of One Man's Battle to Save Children in the Sudan

  • Gerard Butler ~~~ Sam Childers
  • Michelle Monaghan ~~~ Lynn
  • Richard Goteri ~~~ Gun Shop Owner
  • Corey Large ~~~ US Businessman
  • Justin Michael Brandt ~~~ Teenage Boy
  • Brett Wagner ~~~ Ben hobbs
  • Peter Carey ~~~ Bill Wallace
  • Mandalynn Carlson ~~~ Paige’s Friend
  • Ray MacDonald ~~~ Perishiner
  • Elias Bahri ~~~ Teenage boy
  • Barbara Coven ~~~ Shannon Wallace
  • Misty Mills ~~~ Biker Chick
  • Judy Stepanian ~~~ Employment Worker
  • Scott Westerman ~~~ Biker
  • Peter Tocco ~~~ Mechanic
  • Ryann Campos ~~~ Young Paige
  • Gary L. Minix ~~~ Garage Mechanic
  • Dennis Rauss ~~~ Suburban House Guest
  • Mike Reed ~~~ Donnie’s friend
Company: 1984 Films
Contact Person:
Phone: +1 323 965 1984
Fax: +1 323 476 1984
Machine Gun Preacher, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. ClaytonFrazier1 says
    13 January 13, 4:18pm

    This is one of those movies that will have people divided, I’m one of them. Lots of Christians will hate the content in this movie, like the language as in “f” word is not really acceptable to them. Sexual content and drug use is also will be an issue. But the story does show a change but it rather awkward, rather forced. The thing that divided it for me was, not content but message. I say God did tell him to go to the Sudan but his life at home and church was in need. The theology he lives on (teaches) is false at times and not too biblical. The results are seen with the mess with his family, which he doesn’t treat too well. He causes lots of damage when he could be helping lots of people. Lack of grace there. Too much anger and aggression in him instead. And not having a good ending, which I saw coming, I knew it would just end. Then I realized it was a “Kony” movie. Ugh. The film is shot and made well, and it shows that people can change. But the film itself wasn’t too enjoyable.

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