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Maddy shows an example of the hurt and blame that a person can put on themselves instead of finding healing and forgiveness from the Lord. The blame that the character Maddy has put on herself for the accidental death of her parents, puts her on the street. Literally, Maddy is burdened with guilt and feels that she does not deserve to have anything and decides to give it all away. On the streets she is loved by fellow homeless men and woman and is known to be the giver and the protector. Her grieving heart may be broken, but it hadn’t left her.

Throughout this DVD you witness how different peoples lives can be. Some have an abundance, and some have nothing. But one of the points taken away from this family DVD is that no matter where you are in life, or what you have, you always need Jesus. Several characters in this DVD exhibit the need and most of them encounter someone who wants to share the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. So it’s through time and trial that several of the character’s hearts begin to change toward Jesus.

Maddy, the most generous of all of the characters comes to have peace with God and receives His forgiveness and changes her life for Him. God also blesses her with more than just His love and grace, He blesses her with someone whom she has had heartache for her entire life- a brother whom she thought had been dead the entire time!

Maddy is a great family DVD that captures your heart for the lost, the homeless and for those who are caring the guilt of something they shouldn’t. It would be a great film for people that don’t know Jesus and thus don’t know to cast their burdens onto Him and find forgiveness.

Leesley Films is giving a FREE copy of this film to anyone who may be interested! If you are interested in watching this film, please send them an email.

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  1. Roger Helmuth says
    03 November 11, 1:25pm

    I would love to have the dvd” Maddy.”
    My address:Roger Helmuth
    13325 Hyw.39
    S.C 29332

    Thank You, very much!

  2. Annelie says
    03 November 11, 5:18pm

    Hello – in order to request the free movie you would need to e-mail the company directly at
    and ask for the free movie that is offered. Pretty Cool Deal! We don’t know of any other companies giving away their
    movies for free.


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