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Magdalena: Through Her Eyes

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Film Synopsis:

The film, “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes,” is the true story of Jesus seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene, a story of tenderness, freedom and purpose. Magdalena reveals what can happen when women refuse to live in defeat and choose to discover their real value.

For the first time, this remarkable film, created by women for women, gives a voice to one of the most complex and often misunderstood women of our past. Through Mary Magdalene’s eyes, we experience much more than just her own transformation by Jesus’ redemptive love.

As you watch, the woman at the well realizes that Jesus is the Messiah, the woman caught in adultery walks away in forgiveness, and the woman healed of bleeding is restored to health, physically and spiritually. These Biblical stories bring into clear focus how much Jesus values and affirms women. Then and now, Jesus reaches out to women in the midst of their struggles and sin.

This was originally released as: Magdalena: Released From Shame

This film is in over 90 languages!

In order to get this film in your language, please visit the Jesus Film Store.

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