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Maggie’s Passage

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Film Synopsis:

Maggie (Ali Faulkner) is an 18 year girl who leaves her adopted Christian home after her father’s tragic death. Trying to fill a void in her life, Maggie feels compelled to locate her birth mother. What she finds is not what she had hoped. Maggie finds a woman who does not love or want her. Sadly, Maggie gets caught up in the world in which her birth mother is living. After a few months, she reaches her breaking point. In a rage, she releases her frustrations by destroying the seedy hotel room that has become her home.

A Bible falls at her feet and it is then that she realizes that there is only one thing that can break the bondage in which she is living, Jesus Christ. She is brought back to God’s word and realizes that He has a better plan for her life. Finding courage, she runs away from the nightmare she has been living. With the faith of a mustard seed and no place to go, Maggie finds herself living on the streets alone, broke and scared.

Maggie is taken in by a group of unconventional characters that God places in her life to help make her passage a reality. With their help, she learns the timeless lessons of faith, love and forgiveness. Grace (Sheran Keyton) finds Maggie and gives her shelter and wisdom. Max (Mike Norris), a broken man himself, becomes her father figure. Together Max and Grace take Maggie under their wings to get her back where she belongs, home to a loving mother (Janine Turner) who has been praying for her safe return.

In the end, Maggie finally realizes that as an adopted child, she was chosen and the love of an adoptive mother is a love that is second only to the love Christ has for his children.

  • Grant Barker … Derrick Sirron
  • Ron Bath … Homeless Guy
  • Barry Brown … John
  • LaZaundra Burris … Lady of the Night
  • Kimberly Lynn Campbell … Lady of the Night
  • Alicia Ceaser … Lady of the Night
  • Samantha Conrad … Lady of the Night
  • Emily De Nisi … Claire
  • John Elliott … Luther
  • Ali Faulkner … Maggie Sirron
  • Ted Ferguson … Walden
  • Jessica Flowers … Lady of the Night
  • Ethan Hirschy … John
  • Nicole Holt … Lady of the Night
  • Sheran Goodspeed Keyton … Grace
  • Lady LaDonna … Lady of the Night
  • Niki Le … Lady of the Night
  • Tex Marshall … Rance
  • Heather McCormick … Lady of the Night
  • Angela Moreau … Lady of the Night
  • Mike Norris … Max
  • Joseph Moore Reeves … Homeless Guy
  • Hector Rivera … Homeless Guy
  • Nate Rubin … Samuel
  • Gene Sprinkle … Homeless Guy at Bus Station
  • Richard Sprinkle … Homeless Drunk
  • Jeffry Summer … Pimp
  • Wesley Trammel … John
  • Janine Turner … Jenny Sirron
  • Greta Norris … Molly
  • Hannah Norris … girl in the window
  • Max Norris … Ryan
  • Lorraine Francis … Starla
Company: 2nd Fiddle Entertainment
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Website: Film/Company Website
Maggie's Passage, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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