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Film Synopsis:

Malachi is a fictional social drama about an inspirational boy at the center of a broken family, who attempts to bring his separated parents back together by filming a “special documentary” about them with a camera given to him by a dying friend, Petra.

It’s not long after he is given the camera that Malachi realizes it is “special” as it can see and record things undetected to the human eye. With this in mind he discovers a way to record one of the biggest secrets known to man, the true identity of God.

OH Films and Glorious Underdog Productions, in association with Blue Hippo Media and The Sickle Cell Society presents Malachi, a Short film by first time filmmaker Shabazz L. Graham.

Although the story was conceived as a feature film, Malachi was initially introduced as a three minute teaser which excited many to want to see more of the concept.

This gave life to a short film and Soundtrack album, which will hopefully pave the way for a full length feature film to finally be made as always intended.

The short film incorporates sub genres of drama to tell a huge story in a short space of time. These sub genres include social, domestic and medical drama touching on gang culture, broken families, racial divides and struggles with physical illness. To add to these dramatic issues the idea of faith and belief in the supernatural also weave their way into the story.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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  • Kate Gerbeau – Newsreader
  • Rio Tashan Dunkley – Malachi Locke
  • Petra Akinsiku – Petra
  • Chinna Wodu – Hematologist
  • Michaela-Moses Boakye-Collinson – Donna Locke
  • Nick Ewans – Doctor
  • Lindsay Tracey – Receptionist
  • Sean ‘3Face’ Benson – Shower
  • Paul Akins – Shower’s victim
  • Malachi O-Shea – Simeon Taylor
  • Valence Festus – Simeon’s Friend 1
  • Gus Allman – Simeon’s Friend 2
  • Dylan Gardiner – Younger Shower 1
  • Dwayne Gardiner – Younger Shower 2
  • Alan Thompson – Chess Player
  • Valmike Rampersad – Angel
  • Gavin Stenhouse – Jonathan Locke
  • Maddies Hull – Nurse
  • David Giragaldo – Tiny Shower 1
  • Rodrigo Villa – Tiny Shower 2
  • Solomon Villa – Tiny Shower 3
  • Kwane Kandekore – Daniel Taylor
  • Brandon Gabriel – Simeon (as a young boy)
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