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Marriage Retreat

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Rating: 3.6/5 (5 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

Marriage Retreat – A very humorous film about marriage with a lot of truth in it. Some excellent practical ideas on how to revive and/or save your marriage.

Check out the CFDb Interview with Producer and Actress Anna Zielinksi.  For more interviews with other Marriage Retreat cast members.

Marriage Retreat

Film Description:

Marriage Retreat – When a group of best friends decide to go to a marriage retreat in the mountains for no deeper reasons than to relax and have a little fun, they discover the true state of their marriages and how far apart they have drifted. Once there, Dr. Sullivan (Fahey) and his wife Katrina (Jackson) challenge the couples each one to confront their own sin and relationship issues through some rather unorthodox methods and Biblically based principles.

Now in complete disarray with their marriages unraveling, the couples struggle to resolve their issues when relying solely on their own strength. When it seems like all hope is lost for them, true love is revealed and they soon discover it’s not what they are missing in their relationships but who. Ultimately, they begin their journey finding their way back to the ONE they love.

Marriage Retreat Christian Film Movie DVD

  • Jeff Fahey ~~~ Craig Sullivan
  • David A.R. White ~~~ Mark Bowman
  • Anna Zielinski ~~~ Donna Harlow
  • Victoria Jackson ~~~ Katrina Sullivan
  • Logan White ~~~ Claire Bowman
  • Tommy Blaze ~~~ Bobby Castle
  • Matthew Florida ~~~ James Harlow
  • Caroline Choi ~~~ Melody Castle
  • Reginald VelJohnson ~~~ Pastor Wexley
  • Leticia Robles ~~~ Paramedic Maria
  • Terry Funk ~~~ Sam
  • Jocelyn Cruz ~~~ Rosalinda
  • Michele Gomez ~~~ Claire’s Sister
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Fax: +1 480 473 9811
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Marriage Retreat, 3.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
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  1. Tom says
    05 January 12, 1:55pm

    This is an excellent movie. Good content and a great movie to get some friends together for a laugh with some serious insight on marriage.

  2. Rick Dobbs says
    06 March 12, 12:00pm

    Have to see movie…
    seriously, funny and meaningful insight on marriage..
    Even good for your newly married daughter to watch…

    I am planning on buying the movie, I will rent it to you, since I know you got a nice big bonus.
    Just kidding…

  3. Mary Julius says
    11 July 12, 11:57am

    Just saw it and it’s funny and insightfull!!

  4. Taiwo says
    28 January 13, 9:05am

    God bless you guys in Jesus name–I believe God to always supernaturally provide for every of your film making.May you grow from strength to strength. Do meditate on Psalms 1–it will bless you just by meditation.Love you in Jesus name.

  5. Annelie says
    03 February 13, 2:49pm

    Cindy Navarro says…

    There were moments of just sheer fun and genuine laughter as I watched this film, along with a few scenes that did bring tears to my eyes.

    See her full review –


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