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Mary of Nazareth: From Nativity to Calvary

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Film Synopsis:

This profoundly moving feature film traces the life of Mary in her many roles, beloved daughter, wife of Joseph, mother of Jesus, and inspiration to all. Myriam Muller stars as Mary, the simple, young girl from Galilee, visited by the angel, Gabriel, who announces to her in a blinding light that she will give birth to Jesus, an event that will change the course of history forever.

Blind to His real mission, the people are sure that Jesus will help them to restore their nation to it’s former glory. But He is there for something more important.He is not only the Jesus of history but also the Christ of faith. Share Mary’s unique perspective as her son touches, heals, and ministers to thousands, only to be humiliated and crucified before her very eyes.

With over 100 featured actors and 8,500 extras, “Mary Of Nazareth” is beautifully and reverently told, with nothing left out from the Gospels. One can only believe that if she had known all she would suffer as the mother of Jesus, Mary would have given the same response, “I am the Lord’s servant.”

  • Myriam Muller … Marie
  • Didier Bienaimé … Jésus
  • Eric Jakobiak … Jean
  • Jean-Pierre Germain … Simon-Pierre
  • Francis Lalanne … Joseph
  • Marc de Jonge … Hérode
  • Myriam Mézières … Marie de Magdala
  • Jean-Marc Bory … Pilate
  • Jean-Loup Wolff … Joachim
  • Corine Blue … Anne
  • Thierry Maillot … Jean Le Baptiste
  • Pierre Lacan … Judas
  • Alain Aswani … Disciple Thomas
  • Adil Besri … Pierre
  • Mohcine Besri … Jacques
  • Ahmed Boulane … The announcer
  • Neil Boulane … Jesus baby
  • J.R.M. Chapman … Plitaes Advisor
  • Omar Chenbod … Caiphe
  • Younes Megri … Disciple
  • Georges Wilson … Récitant (voice)
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