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Me Again

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CFDb Review:

Me Again – An amusing Christian film with a great message about life and marriage.

Me Again

Film Description:

Be careful what you pray for.

Me Again – From the outside looking in, Rich Chaplin (David A.R. White) has everything that any Pastor and family man could ever want. In reality he has lost sight of everything that matters the most, including his family. When he wishes for a life other than his own, he suddenly finds himself trapped within the lives of everyone his apathy has affected.

This unforgettable journey brings Rich to view life through the eyes of a diverse cast of characters including an elderly woman (Della Reese), a top fashion model (Logan White), his own wife (Ali Landry) and even a goldfish! It might even take an encounter with a strangely familiar angel, (Bruce McGill) to help him realize that he is wasting his chance to love and impact the most important people in his life. Join Rich as he finds himself on a wild and hilarious ride that will change his life forever.

Me Again Christian Film Movie on DVD from Pure Flix

Me Again Christian Film Movie on DVD from Pure Flix 2

  • David A.R. White … Rich
  • Ali Landry … April
  • Bruce McGill … Big Earl
  • Della Reese … Muriel
  • Logan White … Chloe
  • Tommy Blaze … Tony
  • Leticia Robles … Miranda
  • Russell Wolfe … Bill
  • Victoria Bruno … Briar
  • Jonny Lenox … Michael
  • Ina Summers … Ruby
  • Crevita Tamille Brown … Crevita
  • Clinton Lamur … Darryl
  • Deborah Tucker … Make-Up Person
  • China Anderson … Kizzie
  • Kiara Muhammad … Darla
  • Justin Prentice … Colin
  • Shelley Robertson … Mary
  • Crystal Jenious … Carolyn
  • Bradley Dorsey … Waiter
Company: Pure Flix Entertainment
Contact Person:
Phone: +1 480 991 2258
Fax: +1 480 473 9811
Email: Email Contact
Me Again, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Teresa Addangna says
    14 January 12, 3:36am

    I am from the Philippines. Are these films available in our country? Thanks

  2. CFDb says
    14 January 12, 11:35am

    Hi Teresa,

    Many films are not available in the Philippines, but you can order most all “Christian Films” from “Amazon” and they will ship to you.


  3. Brad says
    18 April 12, 5:14pm

    Does this movie have spanish subtitles

  4. CFDb says
    18 April 12, 6:30pm

    Hi Brad,

    Sorry, it looks like it only has English Subs.


  5. Colleen says
    24 September 12, 1:00pm

    I was surprised, it was an interesting movie. I would watch it again.

  6. amber wilson says
    22 April 14, 5:10pm

    can enyone tell me the name of the song thats played at the very end of this movie?

  7. Crissy says
    22 April 15, 9:21am

    Was this movie released in theaters or was it straight to DVD?

  8. Annelie says
    23 April 15, 6:41am

    I think this was straight to DVD.

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