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Meant to Be

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CFDb Review:

Meant to Be – What a powerful Christian film! This one really causes you to think and for those that have been through an abortion experience it brings healing and forgiveness.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review and don’t forget to leave a comment on this film once you’ve seen it!

Meant to Be

Film Description:

Meant to Be – When 20-year old Nathan Burr (Bradley Dorsey) loses his career and his girlfriend, he questions his purpose in life. Compounding his struggle, Nathan grew up in a foster home and never met his birth mother. Nathan sets out on a quest to find his mother and somehow come to terms with her rejection of him. His journey begins by flying to the city where he was born.

Upon his arrival, Nathan checks into a hotel and meets Mave (Della Reese) the hotel’s housekeeper. Encouraged by Mave’s wisdom and the help of a hotel guest, Shelly, (Kristen Renton) Nathan finds the address of his mother, Linda Dixon (Erika Eleniak). Linda is a social worker who agonizes over the decision she made with Nathan 20 years ago. In an effort to admonish the guilt of giving up her son, Linda is caught up in the life of a teenage mother, Tori (Erin Sossoman) who is conflicted by the decision to abort her baby. When Nathan gathers the courage to meet his mother, he uncovers a terrible secret that totally redefines what was meant to be for his life.

Meant to Be - Christian Movie Film DVD 2

Meant to Be - Christian Movie Film DVD

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  • Bradley Dorsey … Nathan
  • Erin Sossamon … Tori
  • Della Reese … Mave
  • Michael Gross … Mr. Trantham
  • Erika Eleniak … Linda
  • Dean Cain … Mike
  • Kristen Renton … Shelley
  • Colleen Foy … Becky
  • Danielle Hoetmer … Flight Attendant #2
  • Kate Rene Gleason … Nurse
  • Aaron Webster … Doctor
  • Leticia Robles … Flight Attendant
  • Stephen Petree … Musician
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Meant to Be, 4.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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  1. Donald_James_Parker says
    26 January 13, 4:59am

    My review:
    I have some mixed feelings about this flick. It was written by friends of mine and I really wanted to think this was a must see movie. The message was one that needs to be brought to the world. Young girls need to be made aware of the ramifications for their future when they opt to go through an abortion. And Christians who fight tooth and claw against abortion need to be ready to help candidates for an abortion deal with an unwanted pregnancy through love and caring instead of judgmentalism. You know the axiom: hate the sin but love the sinner. The complaint I had about this movie was some skewed realism – which I can discuss in detail without spoiling the ending of this movie. You might have zippo problem accepting this approach. I’m just too bogged down in pragmatism to accept this without mentioning that this story used a gimmick that some people might think is cool and mysterious, but it messed with my mind. If you’re in the group who accepts the gimmick (like the Dove reviewer), you might love this flick. I just liked it, but I promise you I’ll never forget it.

  2. Betsy says
    03 February 13, 1:02pm

    It was very sad for me. Brought back some sad memories. For the first time in more then twenty years, I gave some serious thought to what I had done. That life was made more real to me then any time before. It brought me to tears. You are forgiven, but you never forgive yourself.

  3. Dee says
    03 February 13, 1:55pm

    Good film, makes you think. What was the scripture they quoted from Psalms?

  4. Annelie says
    03 February 13, 1:59pm

    I’m sorry I haven’t seen the film yet so I’m not sure. I know of a great Scriptures from Psalms that it could be though. Psalm 139:13, 14 – For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.


  5. Annelie says
    03 February 13, 2:37pm

    Cindy Navarro – Her full review will be found under the Film Review link…

    I recommend this film, especially to teens, in hopes they will think before they do something that will always stay with them…and consider their options. It also has a strong message to others who protest from the sidelines, but do no more.


  6. Caroline says
    04 February 13, 11:33pm

    This movie touched my heart so much and is a step in the right direction for the issue of abortion, there are many different sides to look at and many woman and other people are unaware of the lasting wound this can leave on a person, I really appreciate the aspect it placed on the christian community being a more loving and merciful group as apposed to the very unkind and judgmental group, I cried my eyes out, but it was a blessing, Thank you so very much for making this movie!

  7. Tiffany says
    08 February 13, 4:21pm

    Thank you for trying to expose the eternal truths about abortion. Each child aborted is known to God by name and he does have a plan for them. There are things they would have and could have done on earth, if they’d just been given that opportunity by their mothers. It’s sad to think how much we are missing out on in this world because of poor choices of women. However, I am grateful for an Eternal Father, who has made a way for suffering and mistakes to be overcome and used for good. He still has a plan for each child created, no matter if they are unwanted by their earthly mother who created and aborted them. Each child created has been given an eternal purpose and their life and purpose will continue because of the wisdom and love of a kind, loving, and unchangeable Heavenly Father. We, each of us, is indebted to the God who gave us life and His Son who offered up His own life to bring us hope and freedom from the pains, sufferings, challenges, mistakes, and evil acts we and others create or make.

  8. Tiffany says
    08 February 13, 4:43pm

    Before I knew about this movie I had actually thought of an idea about trying to make a TV series that would focus on showing the significance of the people that are missing in our lives because of abortion. It would be about different people and issues they are having because of the lack of someone in their life. Each episode would be about the challenges of certain people caused because they lacked a person who was aborted in their life. That person missing, an aborted child, would some how be made known to those people missing them. Maybe they appear as a spirit or are discovered by some circumstance that helps those missing them realize why they are missing the help or other person they need or want in their life. In some cases the aborted child could be traced to the mother who aborted it, like maybe some genetic situation brings doctors or scientist to her and if she had a child it could help in a cure for some disease, but she aborted her child. Some other situation could be that someone is single and alone because the person she or he could have married or been helped by was aborted. Another situation could be a much needed solution to some illness or issue that someone aborted could have helped to solve because they would have been really smart in the area needing help like the medical field or technology, etc. Another situation could be a couple that are missing out on the blessings of a child because there aren’t children to adopt because of abortion. Another situation could be some big calamity or need for a great number of people happens, and nothing can be helped or accomplished because of the great lack of people to help because of babies being aborted each day, month, year, etc who are missing in the world. There are so many different scenarios that could be created and be realistic. I was thinking maybe it could be done through volunteer work such as how the church that created “Facing the Giants” and “Fireproof” did. The proceeds could go towards programs that help people adopt children, and mothers who would abort their children because they didn’t have support and encouragement. If anyone would be interested and able to make this a reality I think a series like that could really make a difference in the lives of some women who would choose to abort their babies.

  9. Barbara Rodgers says
    10 February 13, 3:13pm

    I saw this movie a couple of nights ago on Netflix Instant. It impacted me deeply. I think this was the best movie for showing that God planned every life at conception. Every abortion leaves a life not traveled. I recommend this to everyone that thinks they are a true believer & follower of Christ. I recommend it to everyone considering abortion. An excellent treatment of the subject, without rancor or judgement.

  10. Largebill says
    10 February 13, 8:17pm

    Just watched this movie and it had tears rolling down my cheeks near the end. Societally, we have sold the myth that abortion is a nice, simple end to a problem. Wrong it replaces a temporary perceived problem with a permanent heartache. Wish everyone would take the time to watch this movie with an open heart.

  11. guiltysinner says
    10 February 13, 9:11pm

    I found myself wishing there would have been (in real life) somebody there telling that scared 18 year old it would be okay. Reminding her that God was still there and would carry her and support her. Reality is there are too many people who are there telling you it’s okay to end that life. People there telling you this “mistake” is going to ruin his life. Telling you that you are not capable of doing it on your own. Like the mother in the film the guilt and shame are unbearable. Forgiveness from the Lord is a blessing forgiveness from yourself elusive.

  12. Heather Piotrowski says
    11 February 13, 3:58am

    I LOVE this movie!!! I was checkin out the movies I could stream on NetFlix…& found this one…& just clicked on it to play. WOW!!!! This movie HIT HOME cuz I had an ABORTION back in 1979. It was a lil boy. I was ALMOST in my fifth month to where I felt lil butterflies in my tummy. My parents MADE ME Abort…they paid for it. Because the father is a paranoid schizophrenic & they were afraid the baby would have those genes. HA!!!! My other three children do NOT & they are 31, 30 & 28. So, parents do NOT know EVERYTHING!!!! And, now, I must LIVE WITH THE GUILT of what I did. EVERY DAY. And, this VALENTINE’S DAY, my Son SHOULD HAVE turned 33!!!! OH, IT IS HARD!!!!!!!! I advise ANY WOMAN WHO IS PREGNANT…I DON’T CARE IF YOU WERE RAPED: DO NOT ABORT. HAVE YOUR BABY!!!! GIVE HER/HIM UP FOR ADOPTION. YOU DO NOT WANNA SUFFER FROM GUILT THE WAY THAT I AM, NOW!!!!!!!! {for the rest of your life!!!}

  13. Annelie says
    11 February 13, 9:56am

    Thanks so much for sharing your personal story with us Heather. I am so sorry you were forced to do that and so thankful that your children are all perfectly healthy.


  14. Annelie says
    11 February 13, 9:58am

    It is such a sad thing that there aren’t more people with true love and care for each other. That alone would help a lot of young scared girls who get pregnant. I’m so sorry that someone wasn’t there for you. Thank God for His forgiveness.


  15. Holly says
    11 February 13, 8:04pm

    I loved this movie. I had an abortion 14 yrs ago and there isn’t a day go by that i don’t think about the child that i didn’t give a chance. I think about the life that we would of had together and the things he could have done. I was in a very abuse relationship and at the time didn’t think i could go through bringing a child into that situation. I just should of let God handle it but i was too scared. I think that this movie really helps you forgive yourself because you know that God has forgiven you. It also helps women of any age really think about the repercussions of having an abortion even years and decades later. the movie is real life and if you have an abortion it stays with you FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Annelie says
    12 February 13, 5:39am

    Thank you Holly for sharing your story with us. I can’t begin to imagine the pain you’ve gone through and still go through as a result.
    God’s forgiveness is so awesome. My prayer is that all women who have had abortions would find that forgiveness as well.


  17. Kim says
    16 February 13, 9:28pm

    I thought this was a very well made movie, but I had a problem with the fantasy part, the hotel, the others in the hotel, the mother never forgiving herself, that’s not scriptural, that’s bondage and very sad. The young man forgiving her and saying how much he loved her, the part with the flower – I wish she could have done that for herself. The movie ended with the mom never really having a relationship with God. God’s love and forgiveness is what makes us whole, whether it’s a girl who had an abortion, a boy who sleeps around, a liar, a cheater, His love and what His Son did on the cross, and accepting that makes us whole. I did not see that clearly portrayed in this movie. It’s is a well made movie, but the touched by an angel into fantasy of “what could have been” really bothered me – especially the hall way of pictures. I thank the Lord that poor abandoned souls are not really living like that.

  18. Annelie says
    17 February 13, 6:45am

    Hi Kim, we just finished watching this one as well and I do agree that I’m thankful they aren’t living like that too but the film is very realistic because most woman have a difficult time finding that forgiveness for themselves. It is a sort of bondage but I can’t understand it because I’ve never gone through an abortion. We know that God can heal all wounds through even the deepest but it does take time. I thought God’s love was portrayed greatly and the pain was realistic but now that you point it out, it would have been nice to see an actual conversion as a result. That would have made the movie perfect for me.


  19. Randy says
    18 February 13, 4:31pm

    To Kim, actually, I think the inability of the woman to forgive herself was very real and applicable, both in reality and spiritually. Only God’s forgiveness is truly “real” and without that, we can’t actually forgive ourselves (and should we??). I believe the boy was passing on God’s forgiveness (for his new boss), and she had that new ability once she could finally accept from the source. Now to people in general, I believe the fantasy part (not just the hotel) allows a number of people who have experienced loss due to sin (not only those in an abortion situation) to understand God’s forgiveness ….. for them, for us all ……

  20. Randy says
    18 February 13, 4:43pm

    To Dee and Annelie, you asked about Psalms, I hope you aren’t forgetting Jer 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,” And the Psalms excerpt goes on into v 15 to 17 as well, I’ve included the entire section from NIV:
    For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.
    15 My frame was not hidden from you
    when I was made in the secret place,
    when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
    16 Your eyes saw my unformed body;
    all the days ordained for me were written in your book
    before one of them came to be.
    17 How precious to me are your thoughts,[a] God!
    How vast is the sum of them!

    How magnificent and what magnitude are the thoughts of God toward us and for us! May we “magnify” Him in return, all our days!

  21. Annelie says
    18 February 13, 6:05pm

    That’s perfect Randy – WONDERFUL! Great verses – all of them.


  22. Shemp says
    20 February 13, 9:13pm

    It seems like the film gives a guilt trip on the subject. Women should not have feel guilty about this years down the line. It depends on their life circumstances and the reasons why they had to abort. Sure I love the beauty of a baby and child just as much as anyone, but this is a complicated subject.

  23. Annelie says
    21 February 13, 6:47am

    Everyone looks at this film a little different based on their own backgrounds I suppose. What I saw was God loving us and having a purpose for each one of us even from the womb. The rest of the film was about the realities of our choices. Similar to David who was forgiven for his act of adultery and murder. I don’t believe he ever fully recovered from it as the consequences of his sin stayed with him throughout the remainder of his life and even affected his offspring. I believe there is a difference between remembering so as not to repeat the sin than remaining there where no healing can take place. With any loss, we suffer, but God’s love and time is supposed to heal our wounds. ONE DAY…in Heaven there will be no more pain, no more tears any longer – that is the DAY I’m looking forward to.


  24. Sonrisa says
    23 February 13, 11:19pm

    I often wonder what my two children that I aborted in 1989 and 1991 would be now. Now that I am saved and I am a Christian, I wonder what God’s plan was for them and it makes me sad to know that I ruined it. This movie caught me by surprise as I watched it with my 17 year old daughter. My husband and I have three girls who we have taught and continue to teach the word of God and how we are supposed to live our lives to honor Him. It doesn’t erase what I did but this movie was great to make people aware that a life is a life at conception and that God has a plan for everyone of us.

  25. Annelie says
    24 February 13, 5:34am

    I’m sorry for your pain Sonrisa. I had 2 miscarriages and although it’s not quite the same I believe that someday in Heaven we can have our children grow up in Heaven with us and that will be for eternity. That’s my hope although I realize there is no exact Scripture for that belief.

  26. Makimirelis says
    27 February 13, 1:56am

    Thanks Sonrisa
    I just finished watching this movie and it blew my mind. Like you, I had two abortions 1995 and 1996, and there is always an ache in my heart fot what I did. I think about how old they would be now and what their personalities would have been like. The years after 1996 were full of regret and heartache. I finally found peace in God on 2010 thru a Bible study that I started participating in 2004. God works for our happines, and praise Him for He has done so in my life. He has forgiven me and I’ve finally forgiven myself.

  27. jess says
    28 February 13, 8:21pm

    I had no intentions on watching this movie and had I known it’s contents I would not have. I have to forgive me and God has already has he seen it all before it happend.

  28. Paula says
    01 March 13, 1:23am

    This movie is so poignant and thought provoking for me. I had an abortion in 1988, right before I went to college. My parents found out I was pregnant and they flipped out. I remember it like it happened yesterday. I came into my living room and my whole family was there…I mean grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and my brothers and their families. They had decided that I would have an abortion because the small town I lived in, and the fact that my mother was a very prominent teacher, was just not going to handle me pregnant. I told them “no!” and went to my room. I heard my mother on the phone a couple of days later, making an appointment for me with an abortion clinic in Chicago for the next weekend. I remember crying for days. I was so upset that I wouldn’t and couldn’t have a say in my own life. I was 18 at the time, so I was technically an adult, but I had been so sheltered that I was told I would get kicked out of the house, disowned, and left to fend for myself if I didn’t go through with it. On the day of the abortion, my good friend and later on boyfriend came with me. He held me while I lay in the back seat crying…all the way to Chicago, IL. I kept begging my mother to let me keep it, but she wouldn’t talk to me. We pulled up to the clinic and their were protesters. We walked in and filled out the paperwork. My step-dad tried to pay with a check and was told they only took cash, so he left to cash a check at a bank. I remember sitting and then laying on the table, cold and terrified. The nurse came in and told me to get it together, it wasn’t so bad and I would feel better after it was all done. The sucking sound made me throw up and the pain and cramping was horrible. Afterwards I heard the nurse and doctor talking to my mother about how far along I truly was, I thought I was about 9 weeks. They had preformed an illegal abortion because I had been almost 5 months at that time. I asked the nurse if she knew what the sex of the baby was and she said it had been a girl, but that I was young and healthy and should be able to have many children after this was done. Crying was all I could do from that point on…for a long time. It put a definite strain on my relationship with mom. I think about the little girl who would now be almost 25 today. I did not believe in abortion and felt I was ready to live on my own. I was a statistic…I ended up having a baby within 1 year from the abortion and I had my son, Alex. I remember the day so vividly and think about the abortion everyday. I am so sorry for killing another human being. I just cant seem to forgive myself, although I am sure God has forgiven me. I pray that if you are looking for a way out of your situation. God forgive me and Love me dearly! Amen

  29. Annelie says
    01 March 13, 8:40am

    Hi Paula,

    My heart is truly broken for your pain. What a terrible situation to find yourself in and feeling like you didn’t have a choice. I am so sorry. The comments made on this page have been truly heartbreaking and I know it breaks God’s heart as well. He loves us so much! What a forgiving God we have.


  30. Hazel says
    07 March 13, 8:17pm

    All i can say is wow! The movie started out a bit slow, i wasn’t too interested, but when i kept going and watched to the end. Definitely a tear jerker for me. It really made me think about all the lives that could have been lived and enjoyed but werent because of the choices that so many young girls made. God has plans for us but he does give us choices. Sometimes hes not happy with those choices but he allows them. Very powerful movie and i recommend it to anyone really.

  31. Neil says
    08 March 13, 5:58am

    This was an amazing movie and very well written. The message is very necessary in our times.

  32. Mapurisa says
    12 March 13, 3:07pm

    I thought the movie was slow at first but it hit me by surprise when Nathan discovers he does not exist because his mom had an abortion. I came face to face with my own abortion and realized the fact that I had never dealt with it. I still married the man I fell pregnant with and went on to have two girls. I was so moved to hug my children and realize that God gave me two more chances to be a mom and that even with my first daughter, I took the morning after pill and though they say it is not an abortion pill, I think it is because at my sonogram at 7 weeks, I had two fetuses but ended up with one daughter. So today, I just realized I had two abortions and I have only owned up to one.
    The only part of the movie I struggled with are these lost souls in a hotel because their mothers aborted them. Our children’s spirits are all in the bosom of the Father where they belong and they are not on earth trying to find their mothers.
    Another troubling part is why the children seem only to hold their mothers accountable. While I know that mothers bear the bulk of the burden of abortion, this aspect further stigmatizes women how have had to make these choices.
    And I love the part where she challenges Christians to do more than just picket abortion clinics from their high horses and actually reach out to a mother who is making this choice.
    Finally, I love people who say, “I do not know what its like because I have never had an abortion.” It sounds like Christians who say, “I thank God that I am humble. 🙂 ” No judgments here, just an observation…

  33. Annelie says
    13 March 13, 2:41pm

    Remember this is a movie making a point, it’s not at all to be considered Biblical, especially the part about the hotel.

    The reason people say the statement that they don’t know what it’s like is because that is the truth. It’s the same as someone
    that wants to comfort someone who just had a loss. They can’t understand it so it’s better to say they can’t understand instead of “Oh I understand what you
    are going through” because they don’t. I hope that makes sense. It has NOTHING at all to do with false humility. We all sin and fall
    short of the glory of God so where someone may not have had an abortion doesn’t mean they haven’t sinned. I hope that makes sense.


  34. Nina says
    16 March 13, 11:15pm

    I wish I had been able to see this movie ten years ago. I know God has forgiven me, but I still think about my selfish decision and how things might have been different if I had looked beyond myself at the life I was taking away.

  35. Monica says
    17 March 13, 9:27pm

    This movie made me very sad. I had an abortion 23 years ago and have never been able to forgive myself. God must have forgiven me because he gave me 3 beautiful children. Ill always wonder what if….

  36. Annelie says
    18 March 13, 9:36am

    Hi Monica, giving you a hug – God forgives us whenever we ask, no matter how bad it is. Take assurance in that fact. He promises in I John 1:9 – if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    I claim this one a lot – we all have difficulty forgiving ourselves. I am SOOO thankful that you have 3 beautiful children and maybe…one DAY…in Heaven you can be reunited with this other child. That is my dream for my 2 children that were lost in miscarriage. All I know that is one DAY there will be no more tears or pain and that is what all God’s children can look forward to.


  37. DebraMarie says
    20 March 13, 6:36pm

    This movie touched my heart. I understand the pain Linda feels. Even though, as her husband tells her, God forgave her a long time ago, it isn’t as easy to forgive yourself. For those of you who have had an abortion or miscarriage and wonder about that child, please read Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. It gives an insight of Heaven from the perspective of a very young boy who died on an operating table and was taken to Heaven and came back. I cried my eyes out, but in a good way. It details what happens to babies who never had the chance to live, due to abortion or miscarriage. I miscarried and it gave me such peace and joy. I think it may do the same for you. God bless you all.

  38. Marie says
    22 March 13, 3:09pm

    I was not aware of what this movie was about and it seemed to start slow so I considered not watching it. Something made me continue to watch and at the point it began to discuss abortion I knew it was meant for me to see. I too had an abortion 30 years ago. I know that Jesus Christ died for my sins and I am forgiven. The bible reassures me of that and Easter renews the dept that was paid for our sins in which I am so thankful. It is hard to forgive yourself because you never forget, you regret the decision and will always grieve the loss and for not allowing your child a chance at this earthly life. So this movie helps remind those of us who have had abortions that God loves us, loves our child and we know where he/she is with our Father in the most perfect body in the most perfect place Heaven. Thanks for allowing comments

  39. ForEverInMyHeart says
    23 March 13, 2:06pm

    So many touching stories, I thank everyone for sharing them.
    I have never been able to forgive myself for two selfish abortions I had at a young age (35 yrs ago). I take responsibility for them, though felt pressure from the fathers. Two different fathers. I now have four awesome Christian children and will always carry what I did with me. I know they say God forgives all, I just can’t get passed forgiving myself.
    I had no clue what this movie was about, but I do believe I was meant to watch it and that God played a part in that. God, once again, I beg for your forgiveness and pray that I can someday forgive myself.

  40. Ann says
    23 March 13, 4:57pm

    Picked this movie on a whim. I will never forget it. By the end of the movie, I was bawling. Society needs to become aware of the horrific nightmares of abortion. Life is too precious, and we have an obligation to defend those whose voices can’t yet be heard. I’d watch this movie again and again.

  41. Bub Bowen says
    03 April 13, 7:50pm

    Outstanding movie … Great Cast … Lots of food for thought …


    You knew me before I existed
    All I would ever be
    Your works to accomplish
    I know you were depending on me

    You formed me in my mother’s belly
    And called me from her womb
    You sanctified me unto yourself
    A prophet to a world filled with gloom

    To be a voice for those who could not speak
    A light to show the way
    Opening up blinded eyes
    And helping the lost along the way

    Oh! To think what might have been
    If only I had been born
    The changes that would have taken place
    The love I could have shown

    I know you are still my God
    And you’re always in control
    But somewhere along the line
    This abortion has to go

    My mother made a decision
    It is called a woman’s right to choose
    Now all the joy I could have been
    Was her mistake to loose

    There are wrongful laws of our land
    Protecting this right of choice
    I have this question of all mankind
    Who will be my voice?


  42. Cynthia says
    19 April 13, 1:13am

    I too came across this movie on Netflix and did not know at first that it was about abortion. On March 20th 2013 my apartment burnt down. I lost mostly everything and had just moved into the apartment on Jan. 14 2013. Didn’t get around to getting my renters insurance yet. The things that made it through the fire was my bible, pictures and letters. Things that are not replaceable. I too had an abortion around 8 years ago. Afterwards I tried to block it from my mind and justify my reason. Was also in a bad relationship and didn’t know how I would pay my bills and lots of other excuses. I prayed to God what should I do for days before I actually did it. I told him the situation I was in and how could I possibly make it through a pregnancy and have a baby with the guy I was with. After the fire, I had so many blessings coming from all directions and it was obvious to me that it was Gods hands working in my life, to put me back on the path that he had intended for me to be on. I prayed and asked God for the first time since I had the abortion 1 day before watching this movie. Like I said before, I had no idea what this movie was about before I started watching it. So I know that He showed me that he heard my prayer for forgiveness and was proving it to me by me watching the movie the very next day after I had after 8 years of blocking it from my memory asked him for forgiveness for having the abortion. I know that my baby he/she is in heaven with God and that one day I will meet my child and be united with my family in heaven and I am now going through the process of forgiving myself. For the longest time I felt like, How could God forgive me for doing this. That is why it took so long for me to even ask him for forgiveness. But from reading everyone’s comments I know that He has forgiven me and I need to forgive myself. I have had a little girl since then. She is 3 years old. While I was pregnant I prayed for a little girl and I got a little girl. Everyday I tell her she is my angel and my best friend and my princess. And sometimes I will say what are you to mommy and she will say I am your angel, your best friend and your princess. Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins and thank you God for your mercy and forgiveness. Please pray for me that I will come to a place where I can forgive myself. God bless everyone and I hope to see all of you in Heaven, where there is no more pain or tears. And us all reunited with our loved ones.

  43. Annelie says
    19 April 13, 7:01am

    Thank you so much Cynthia for sharing that with us – we are so thankful you’ve asked for and received that forgiveness. I know your words will bring encouragement to many people. We are all sorry to hear about your apartment burning down as well. That is horrible. Did you go to the Salvation Army to get some replacement items? If you haven’t, please go to them because they help out a lot of people who have been in a fire get back on their feet again.


  44. Sarah says
    24 April 13, 9:15pm

    i also was caught by surprise when we found out the guy was aborted. its a wednesday & i almost never just watch a movie on my netflix app. in the middle of the week. i spotted it & started watching which is unusual for me.

    so, i had to run to my closet because my daughter kept passing through the living room & i couldnt stop the tears burning in my eyes when the guy looked at his picture again. & then i was crying very much when he knelt by his mom & said he forgave her. im so happy my baby is with the King of Kings & not wandering earth, but i do long to hold my sweet baby & hear her voice & tell her im so sorry. i know nothing i say can take away what i did. i had my abortion on may 11, 2001 when i was 16. i’ve asked Jesus out loud many times to forgive me, so i know He must have already. i love Him & He’s shown me His love.. i just wonder why i can’t live in the joy & peace of His forgiveness & why i still fall apart when i watch a movie like this..

    im reading a book about Heaven & what the bible says about the New Earth that God will renew all things for His glory. its by randy alcorn. anyway, i believe that God in His mercy & special love for children covers them with Christs blood. he talks about psalm 8:2, also quoted by Jesus in matt 21:16, “from the lips of children & infants you have ordained praise” & it says the inclusion of infants is signifigant because they wouldnt be conscious of giving praise. so although children are sinners who need salvation, God very may well cover them with Christs blood so they can be in Heaven. john the baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit in the womb (luke 1:15) God knew jeremiah before the womb (jeremiah 1:5)

    so, i have MUCH hope to meet my daughter & when the old things have passed away & God makes all things new making a new Heaven & new Earth, i hope to have a few adventures hand in hand with Jesus & holding my other hand, my sweet daughter.

  45. keila Arambula says
    23 May 13, 9:00am

    Thank you for this amazing movie, is like my life right there. This film is for me, thank you Jesus, for my healing. and thanks to all the people involved in this powerful film. It’s crazy but I was 17 just like Linda and my Son 20 right now, it’s amazing how God works. Thanks again!!! and God bless!!!

  46. JJ says
    30 May 13, 10:56pm

    This movie… touched me so deeply. I was at a friends house and we turned on netflix, she picked the movie without knowing what it was about. She knows of my abortion from May of 1999. I was 20 and also had an illegal abortion I was 5 months along, was having a hard time finding a home, my current living situation my roommate wouldn’t let me stay if I had the baby. I had just lost my job due to all the time I had to take off from the morning sickness. The father deserted me. I really have no family, my mother gave me to my great grandparents and they raised me, my mom was raised by her grandma, my grandma was raised by her great aunt. I wanted my baby girl so much, and it haunted me to give her up and have someone else raise her… felt like a family curse. Anyway my mom and I have never gotten along. So with the fiancial situation, and with that I made a desparate last minute decision that forever changed my life. At first I felt nothing the normal relief, then numbness. I stuffed the pain aside for years, and when it surfaced, I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. One night I was to drunk and to high to realize I got into a car with a drunk driver, we crashed into a parked construction truck doing 70 miles an hour no brakes… the doctors still can not explain how I walked away. Granted lots of internal injuries, but left hospital 4 months later alive. I really thought god was punishing me for my decision. I cleaned up my addictions, and 2 years later I was diagnosed with cancer, more punishment I thought. You can only imagine the guilt and shame I was walking around with. After chemo and radiation I’m now unable to have children. The one time God gave me to be a mother, I killed my baby. I walked thru life as if I was already condemmed to hell. Then a good friend of mine who had no idea of the choice I had made, as I never talked about it, took me to her church, and I became a christian, even thou I’ve learned I’m forgiven, I still can’t forgive myself. I have walked the last 13 years of my life in horriable pain, this movie, touched my heart more then words can explain. I cried for days after. I know I still will carry this to the day I die, I know that she will never be out of my mind, the pain will always be there. But this movie has helped me to start the forgiving of myself process. I hope one day abortion clinics will be forever closed and not an easy option for girls… as there is nothing easy about serving a life sentance of pain, guilt and shame…

  47. Annelie says
    31 May 13, 5:58am

    Thank you so much for sharing your pain with us. You are not alone. There will be a day when we are in Heaven and all that pain will be completely gone, completely healed…to be remembered no more. We all look forward to that Day. What a forgiving, awesome God we serve.


  48. Louise Weston says
    21 July 13, 12:32pm

    Kudos to writer, producer, director and actor Bradley Dorsey! Thank you for having the courage and creativity to make such a brilliant movie that is entertaining, educational and inspirational, as well as life-changing for many of us viewers. Just what the world needed!

    And this is coming from an atheist who was simply searching Netflix for something to stream.

    In addition to the potent message about abortion that was handled respectfully in a contemporary context and in a non-judgmental fashion, there are other gems throughout the movie…

    • Mom Linda cannot quite figure out how to finally let her daughter be responsible for herself, even though she’s living away from home at college. Love the line, “She was supposed to call.” So many of us moms can relate!
    • After having been prompted by her husband to look for her purpose and make herself available, Mom Linda followed her heart to help the pregnant teen girl the way that she felt was necessary, even though it was clearly outside of the conventionally-accepted societal parameters, putting her own job and emotional well-being at risk. Linda had the guts to say what I have been feeling for years, ever since I witnessed a protest in front of a local church. Linda was outraged at how Sunday Christians could scream from their soapboxes that abortion is wrong and take the time to protest the clinics and snub their noses at the women who go there, rather than offer those women help to keep and raise their babies. Gutsy script writing delivered brilliantly by actress Erika Eleniak.
    • And of course, one of the most important messages of all – forgive yourself for having aborted. It’s a secret I’ve carried with me for decades, and although it felt like the only option at the time, as the years have gone by, it has haunted me more and more. I realized after watching the film that it’s easier to punish yourself with guilt than to forgive yourself and move on, which will clear up space for concentrating on and helping others. Can’t wait to see how my life unfolds after I take this crucial step.

    Back to being an atheist… I was a longtime Christian, but after carefully examining reality over the years, I now prefer Buddhism, where the path to nirvana lies in mindfulness and a lack of self-centeredness, rather than on a supreme being who has your back if you make a mistake.

    But I still found Della Reese’s character in the movie to be a charming, creative tool to get some important messages across!

  49. Annelie says
    22 July 13, 9:08am

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us. I want to encourage you to read the Bible all the way through again. Don’t let reality discourage you. Jesus is still the path to Heaven and eternal life.


  50. francisca says
    30 July 13, 1:28pm

    I just watched d movie today and even though i met it half way, it touched my soul. It was just like a back up to psalm 139 i have been studying which verses 15-16 says: my frame was not hidden from u wen i was made in secret and skillfully wrought in the lowest part of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in your book they al were written, the days fashoned for me, wen as yet there were none of them. These verses makes me reflect on ny past which made me come to a conclusion that: ” no child or pregnancy is a mistake; they only come at an unexpected and unprepared time.

  51. Kimberley says
    06 August 13, 1:17am

    Pain. Heart full of pain. I had no idea what this movie was really about until I was too far into it to turn it off. If I knew what it was about, I probably would not have watched it. However, “It, was Meant To Be”. Everything, happens for a reason. I needed to watch this. I had two abortions. The first, 19 years ago. I was in an abusive relationship and my husband, at the time, insisted that I have an abortion. A few years later, I realized that he had only married me to try and get a green card, and did not want any “baggage”. At the time, I didn’t think that I had a choice. I was young and my mind was clouded by what he wanted me to do, and stupidly in love, I did what he wanted me to do. A couple years later, pregnant again, living in a world where money was scares, I found myself having an abortion again. At this time, I had no electricity where I was living and was very sick every day, I thought this was what I should do. Then you mature and you grow up. You have other children and you live life. You live life with a horrible feeling of guilt inside, forever. I don’t know if the guilt or pain will ever go away. I know I have not forgiven myself, I struggle with that.

    After watching this movie, what I do know, is that I have finally, finally, found my purpose in life. It all came together tonight. Through my 41 years of life, I have been a bit lost, and really have not known what my purpose in life is. What is it that God wants me to do. To the person, who made this movie, thank you. Thank you for being the light, in my life, that has shown me, God’s purpose for me. I feel down deep in my heart, what my purpose is now. I am destined to work with troubled teens who are pregnant and don’t know what to do. If, I can help, just one female, that is thinking about abortion. If, I can just save, 1 life. If, I can save 2 lives. If, I can save 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 lives, before my days on earth are done. I will have found God’s purpose, for my life. After watching this movie, it is so very clear to me now. Tomorrow, I will start my journey. I will find out what I need to do and I will find my way, Along the way, I will work on forgiving myself. This, was Meant To Be!!

  52. Kimberley says
    06 August 13, 10:46pm

    I live in Charlotte, NC. I am going to start a petition. I think, that it should be mandated, that every female before having an abortion should watch this movie. I know, that back when I had my abortions, it would not have taken much for me to change my mind. This movie, if I were required to watch it, would have been the little push that I needed to change my mind and walk right out of the clinic. I am tired of hearing about women’s rights. What about the unborn child’s rights. When we have an abortion we completely neglect their rights. So, forget about women’s rights. Why is a women’s rights more important than the unborn child’s rights. We have to get petitions going to at least push this movie being a requirement before being able to proceed with an abortion. Some women will change their minds and therefore some lives will be saved.

  53. Jesus loves you says
    08 August 13, 11:23pm

    I’m so glad I came across this film. I had an abortion two years ago n I’ve been dealing with the guilt every single day n thought to myself. How could God ever forgive me for this. But after watching this film I realized that God does forgive me n I am washed by the blood of Jesus.

  54. Holly says
    16 August 13, 8:41pm

    Kimberley I agree with you on having to watch this movie before having an abortion. I argued with the lady at the clinic about whether the baby had a soul or not and she said no. I disagreed. She just kept pushing. If I would of seen this movie first that would of been the only push I needed not to have the abortion. I cried the whole time. I have finally forgiven myself for the abortion 14 yrs later. God has helped me through it and now I feel I am closer to him than I have ever been. praise God because he is my redemption.

  55. Tina says
    17 August 13, 9:41pm

    I am so blessed to have watched this movie, now I can forgive myself. I had no voice when I was a teenager, my mother made me have two abortions in 1975 and 1977. She took me to the clinics, dropped me off, went to work and then picked me up during her lunch hour. Our relationship has been cold since then and I have tried to forgive her. I have gone though life always wondering, what my children would of been like. I have been blessed with 7 wonderful children, who turned out to be great adults. This January, I will be a grandma to 8 and I am sure, many more to come.

  56. Annelie says
    18 August 13, 9:53am

    Our hearts break for your story. You are not alone. If God can forgive you, you can forgive yourself and your mom. You have been truly blessed with so many children. Although I haven’t had an abortion,
    I did have two miscarriages and I look forward to seeing them in Heaven. I’m sure it is the same for you.


  57. Lisa says
    21 August 13, 7:18pm

    I would to thank Annelie for all her merciful comments. Jesus said, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.” There was some other posts that could have been more merciful. One post talked about “the woman who aborted her baby” and projected all responsibility on the woman. As a post-abortive woman who ministers to others at a pregnancy resource center, I have to say that an abortion is almost never an isolated decision. Of course I take responsibility for my decision to have an abortion, but several others played a part and all of us could be more involved in being a part of the solution rather than sideline judges. This type of condemnation only serves to keep post abortive women (and men) silent and perpetuates the notion in our culture that abortion has no effect on women and men (because they are scared to share about their pain for fear of condemnation).
    To the precious women out there who are confessing and in pain- please accept God’s gift of forgiveness. All your penalty for sin was paid for by Jesus on the cross. To ‘forgive yourself” you only need to receive the gift that God has already purchased for you. You will delight your Heavenly Father by doing this. You do not need to continue to walk in the bondage of condemnation, guilt and shame. I know this sounds radical- but this is what God has given you; radical grace free of charge. In response to this great love, you will want to follow and do likewise for others (forgiving them). See how beautiful God’s plan is? Forgiveness which ripples out and changes hearts and transforms the world.

  58. Annelie says
    22 August 13, 9:38am

    What great points Lisa, especially about the decision making process. If our eyes could be opened to see the reasons why we’ve all done the things we’ve done, the decisions we’ve made…we would all be surprised as to what things happened or didn’t happen to lead us to make those decisions.

    Your comments really blessed me.


  59. Lisa says
    22 August 13, 11:24am

    Thanks Annelie. I would like to encourage any woman who has experienced abortion to seek out a post-abortion Bible study/support group in your area. A couple of Bible studies that are used are “Forgiven and Set Free” and “Surrendering the Secret”. You may feel that you have as much healing as you need or you may feel unworthy of healing. Please find a pregnancy resource center near you that offers post-abortion ministry. I have been doing post-abortion ministry for 14 years and I have seen woman after woman set free to embrace the life God intends her to live. It is important you grieve the loss of your baby with support. By the way,my boyfriend at the time and I got married. We have been married for 27 years and though it has been very rough in spots, both of us have given our lives to Christ and have two grown children who are following Jesus. There will always be an empty spot in our family where David should be (the name we gave our child lost to abortion) and we will never know this side of heaven all the experiences we missed. However, we must go on and live as unto Christ, building His Kingdom and living a life committed Him .

  60. Annelie says
    11 September 13, 2:55pm

    I am overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of heart pouring comments end up on this page. Thank you for sharing your experience, which was a little different from the rest of them. I am thankful too that they couldn’t come up with that extra $50. What a thing to be be told and what a thing to happen. WOW.

    I believe a lot of people feel the way you do, about leaning on God alone because there really is no one else to lean on. I believe people come and go in our lives for different reasons, but God does want us to lean on Him most of all. He is our TRUE HOPE and HEALING. Imagine it – One DAY – there won’t even be a memory of pain in our lives. Looking forward to that Day.


  61. Катерина says
    21 October 13, 1:28am

    Hello my name is Katya,yes I am russian. This movie is really touch my heart. I am not married or even don’t have boyfriend
    But I never ever,going to aborted my child. No, thats a sin. And I wanted that my future child has a chance to live. Thanks to netflix.

  62. Crystal Smith says
    05 December 13, 7:23pm

    This movie saved my baby’s life! I’m not particularly religious but I know that God or the universe or whatever put this movie in my life at exactly the right moment. I watched this movie without a clue what it was about, only having it be recommended by a family friend. After it was over, I just knew that I was pregnant. The very next day I took the test, and found out for sure. Previously I would have considered abortion because I am young, financially insecure, and its what my boyfriend had wanted. This movie made it clear to me that I could not bear the emotional burden of ending a life that may have even greater purpose than I believe my life will have. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend is overwhelmingly supportive. Everything is coming together and I can not wait to meet my little miracle.

  63. Julie says
    10 December 13, 10:23pm

    It wasn’t until closer to the end of the movie did I realize what it was about. I have been suffering the guilt of my abortions for decades. I know God has forgiven me but I cannot seem to forgive myself. I have tried different resources. Nothing has worked. I want to feel the absolution that has been bestowed upon me but I can’t. I try everyday. If you are reading this and considering having an abortion I do hope you change your mind. You may feel like you are doing the right thing but you don’t know what life will be the moment afterwards. I pray everyday that I can finally forgive myself. I suffer in silence everyday. Speak to someone before you make the decision. There are many resources out there. You’re not alone.

    May God bless you and your children that are with God.

  64. ClaytonFrazier1 says
    13 February 14, 1:18pm

    This is a weird movie. I saw this with other people, and they too thought the same about it. Once you hear the twist, the whole story tries to sound deep then to realize, it makes no sense. The movie is well made, I’ll give it that. But I’m getting tired of these one note films, and I don’t want to see another abortion film. I didn’t enjoy this film too much, but I did like the painting girl, even through she didn’t really add anything to the story. I’m not sure what else to think of this film, I’m seeing so many films due to Netflix, but they don’t really make an impression. I’ve seen lots of films lately that’s written to a small audience, which many people can’t relate too. This is a niche film. If you never had, or considered an abortion; nor a political minded person, then this film won’t do much for you.

  65. Annelie says
    13 February 14, 3:35pm

    It is a niche film, that is true, hadn’t thought about that. All I know is that this film has more comments than any other film that is on the database, most often from those who are hurting and still need healing from their choices. Heartbreaking for sure and I am glad they did make the film. God has used it to bring healing to a lot of people.


  66. Confused and Wondering says
    01 March 14, 2:22am

    I loved this movie, cried over half of it. This movie got me wondering, Everyone says that God has a baby’s life planned before the baby is concieved. To fulfill your baby’s life you should not have an abortion which I agree with 100%. I know many women fight themselves everyday about if they feel it is a good decision for them at the time. What I wonder is what about the babies that are taken from miscarriage and not abortion, Did God not have a plan in life for them, or was it a punishment for something that the parents did?

  67. Annelie says
    02 March 14, 9:05am

    There is no direct evidence from Scripture on this one and it’s a question most people have. We live in a sinful world and that is why we have suffering and death. I would like to think that even a miscarried child or aborted child still has a plan a purpose that will be fulfilled in Heaven instead of on Earth. Isaiah 49:22-23 is the closest I can find in Scripture. CFDb

  68. Tammy says
    11 March 14, 1:59pm

    After reading many of the comments, my heart can relate to so many stories on so many levels. I too faced the choice of abortion. But with divine intervention, I welcomed my third daughter into this world. However, my first child I lost 6 months after the pregnancy began. I carried much guilt and shame over just thinking of having an abortion, even though I never went through it. And I even carried shame over the loss of my first child. Thinking that perhaps I had done something wrong that has caused his birth to come too early. Loss my dear sisters is loss. And the struggles that come out of these losses are so evident in this movie. It is so true our God forgives, but the struggle to forgive ourselves seems unreachable. I have found it is not just the forgiveness, but the healing underneath it all of the shame, guilt, and condemnation that shows the work God really wants to do in our hearts. In my journey of healing for the loss of my first child, God helped me name him. He is and always will be my Timothy. I found his biblical name from the Greek meaning: Honoring God. It was the giving of his name and knowing he is with his Heavenly Father that healed this mothers heart. Perhaps what I did, will also help the many still in the healing process. May God bless each and everyone of you. My thanks go to all who came together making this movie to bring these messages of hope to us all.

  69. aj says
    14 March 14, 12:08pm

    This was movie is very powerful. i just was watching cause it was christian based .my son had gone to the spirit world about three years ago and it knocked me down like no other .i am getting up with gods help the hope in the movie for others is strong ,and to be forgiven is a biggy in this film.and the message of just sitting in church and talking about helping is beautiful. i just want you to know i have never aborted a child ..but i am sure we can make some of our kids feel like it i ask god to help us all .i also love the part of people only seeing what there mind wants to see .i love the courage he had to move foward in his spirit once he accepted what was .that helps me as a mother to ask god to keep moving me forward .as much and as painful as it is ..i must continue my faith walk .and believe that he is and always will be..just sharing thank u for this movie

  70. Annonymous says
    05 October 14, 3:13am

    This movie made me so sad. I have been through several abortions as a teen, I wish this movie would have been around in the 90’s and I would have certainly not gone through what I went through. I have lived 20+ years regretting my choices if I could go back I would have and there’s not a single day I don’t wish I could take it all back. So when the situation presented it self again in my teen daughter I choose the right one to support n love that baby for as long as I live. Shes my life now and I thank God everyday for having her here and keeping me on this earth long enough to enjoy her.

  71. Annelie says
    05 October 14, 10:25am

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us. So thankful to hear about that new baby.


  72. Dee says
    18 November 14, 2:27am

    Wow, the movie is down right point on. I believe I know why God gave me the chance to watch it. I was in tears the whole time. I have had 3 abortions in my life…. and in all of them I was pressured by their fathers, they claimed they were not ready for them. I am pregnant now I think 6 weeks with my 4th kid, the same boyfriend wants me to abort my baby, he’s even threatening exposing the other times I did it since I hid it from my parents and everyone. I know my family will be dissapointed, but this one im fighting for. The movie really helps, I think it should be played for woman who are about to take that decision. It helped me! Im ready to fight for this soul in me till the end.

  73. Annelie says
    18 November 14, 7:26am

    I want to encourage you Dee to stand strong. God has been using this movie to heal a lot of people and cause them to make the right decision. Wonderful! My heart goes out to you and thank you for sharing your story with us.


  74. Linda says
    19 May 18, 11:07pm

    This movie was so hard to watch for I too aborted a child when I was 17. I now have to live with the pain and the burden. I wish someone was there then to helo me

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