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Mercy Rule

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CFDb Review:

I was surprised there was no Christianity in this film, although faith was mentioned.  My favorite part though was the conversation at the pizza parlor.  The words spoken by his wife were fantastic and so realistic and relevant.  Great for a wake up to what our true priorities are all about.

Mercy Rule


Film Description:

Mercy Rule is a baseball adventure for the whole family, starring Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea. Parents and kids alike will be inspired by the story of the Miller family as they learn life’s lessons of mercy, patience, sacrifice, legacy and trusting God.

Co-starring Bas Rutten and comedian Tim Hawkins and written by bestselling author N.D. Wilson, Mercy Rule will teach your family what it means to be a “No Quit Family.” The DVD also includes a family study guide for further discussion of the important messages in Mercy Rule

Release Date: (DVD) February 14, 2014

Mercy Rule - Christian Movie Film on DVD with Kirk Cameron - CFDb

  • Kirk Cameron – Father
  • Tim Hawkins – Brother
  • Bas Rutten – Baseball Coach
  • Chelsea Cameron – Mother
  • Jared Miller – Cody (Son)
  • Nicole Neilson – Bea (Daughter)
Company: VHX Corporation
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Mercy Rule, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Amy Morgan says
    18 May 14, 8:05pm

    My family and I LOVE this movie!! We love all the life lessons that are found throughout the story. We are very picky about movies and only allow appropriate movies into our home, and this one fits the bill! And its also entertaining!!

  2. Sherye Shreffler says
    25 June 14, 12:49pm

    I am the admin asst of a church and we just purchased “Mercy Rule” and would like to show it as an outreach outdoor movie night in mid-July. Where can I obtain licensing information/cost to show this film? Please help. Thank you.

  3. Annelie says
    25 June 14, 3:06pm

    I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer to this one – I’ve tried contacting a few different people to find out but have been unable to. You can try CLVI License to see if they cover the film.


  4. Eileen Miller says
    26 June 14, 10:00am

    Look at I think that should help.

  5. Adams C Kalumbi says
    17 August 14, 10:27am

    wow what a nice movie,can’t wait to watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Heather says
    23 August 14, 10:27pm

    My husband and I were really excited about this movie, but after suffering through long scenes and no plot and thinking once the credits were rolling the movie was over we were thankful that it was over. We are glad that others enjoyed it and disappointed we spent the money on it.

  7. Chuck Kline says
    02 September 14, 8:23am

    Very disappointed over this movie. I thought I was going to watch a Christian based film not a secular one. Can’t believe this was a Kirk Cameron movie. I would not recommend this movie for a Church viewing!!! To much of the world and worldly views in it. Gets a thumbs down from me!!!

  8. Missy says
    20 March 15, 4:29pm

    This is a great film! The Christian values that are displayed in this movie show us how to interact with the world with gentleness and love. People will watch this and know what is really important in this life – family, love, mercy, determination. When the family struggled but persevered, it brought to mind 2 Timothy 1:7. It reminded me that it’s all really about relationship. Thanks Cameron Family for an excellent movie!

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