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Mercy Streets

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Film Synopsis:

About the film…

A story of redemption and forgiveness.

When John (David White) is released from prison, he’s blackmailed by his old boss Rome (Eric Roberts) into returning to his former life of crime. He’s forced to con a wealthy businessman out of a lot of money, but as soon as John gets the money — and the chance — he runs. But Rome and his accomplice TJ (Robert Lasardo) are close behind. John winds up in front of the home of his estranged twin brother who he hasn’t seen since a childhood tragedy and who happens to be in the right place at the right time.

Jeremiah (also played by White) has studied to become a priest, but is wrestling with his upcoming commitment to be ordained because he’s unsure about his faith and his non-commitment to longtime girlfriend Sam (Cynthia Watros). When Jeremiah leaves his house to get in his car, Rome mistakenly thinks he’s John and forces him at gunpoint to go with them. John sees the whole thing happen and seizes the opportunity to pretend he’s Jeremiah, hiding behind his new identity as a priest. With their lives switched and roles dramatically reversed, both men are confronted with who they really are and what they have to forgive in themselves and each other to go on in life.

  • Eric Roberts … Rome
  • David A.R. White … John/Jeremiah
  • Cynthia Watros … Sam
  • Shiek Mahmud-Bey … Tex
  • Lawrence Taylor … Dan
  • Stacy Keach … Tom
  • Robert LaSardo … TJ
  • Lisa Furst … Sunny
  •  Kevin Downes … Peter
  • Koji Kataoka … Takashi
  • Robert Lyon Rasner … Concerned Passerby
  • Brian C. Bennetts … Concerned Driver
  • John Mann … Harry
  • Jon Gunn … Accident Victim
  • Michael Villani … Sergeant Griffin
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Mercy Streets, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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