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Milk Money

Sneak Preview
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Milk Money

Film Description:

Milk Money – It’s not about how bad you are, It’s all about how good God is!

Secure your vest as you step into this time machine set for 2030. You will step out in the ‘New Oakland,’ but you better be ready for the impact you’ll endure on this adrenaline pumping, non-stop emotional roller coaster. Embark on a journey with Banneker, a down on his luck Christian whose luck seems to be getting worse. Banneker’s aunt gets diagnosed with cancer and this backsliding Christian (Banneker) turns to the one thing that he has always known, “Prayer.” Banneker feels that prayer is not enough and decides to take matters into his own hands after being pressured by his long time hustler friend D Rock.

D Rock teaches Banneker that a C.E.O. of a business always makes more than an employee. At first Banneker is opposed to this idea because he finds out the business is a ‘Pharmacist of the Streets,’ that’s right a ‘Drug Dealer.’ Banneker feels that healthcare is a right not a privilege. Healthcare should be as easy to get as milk, and everyone should have Milk Money. Although Banneker is from the streets he’s not of the streets. Banneker has access to the most potent form of THC (Milk) and his friends D Rock and Q decide to help with his situation.

An old school Kingpin, Cecil takes notice of a new group of sellers and hears about this better product; however he’s not getting a cut. Cecil’s city means Cecil’s money, that’s all there is to it. Cecil sends one of his best men Earthquake out to find Banneker and bring him in for negotiations. Banneker declines the offer, its all about helping his aunt… More money coming in always means more money going out. Banneker and his crew changes they’re image to bring in more customers and women.

God gives us all a gift; however some call it a curse, I call it ‘freewill’ Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get the results you’re looking for. The only question is… But at what cost? Follow Banneker as he shows you what man would do to save someone he loves. Banneker is here to show you that it’s not about how bad you are it’s all about how good God is.

Time to go get that Milk Money!

Release Date: Premiering July 2013

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Name/Company: Touch the Heart Productions
Contact Person:
Website: Film Website

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