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Miracle Man: The Series

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Miracle Man: The Series

Film Description:

Miracle Man: The Series – New faith-based NBC drama “Miracle Man,” focusing on the power of miracles.

According to NBC, “Miracle Man centers on Jason Greene (Kevin Sorbo), a decorated Army Ranger who is nearly killed in Afghanistan. Haunted by the experience, he’s discharged and returns home to a wife who’s left him and an adult son he barely knows. As Jason struggles to piece his life together, he discovers a power – the ability to make miracles happen, marvels often small but real that can change people’s lives. Jason, tough and skeptical, is on a quest to discover why.”

While the show does not yet have a release date, some are speculating it will air as early as next fall.

Release Date: (TV/Cable) NBC TBA!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Miracle Man: The Series, Christian Movie/Film, Kevin Sorbo Film Series

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