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Missionary to Walker’s Garage: The Family Films Collection

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CFDb Review:

What a great reminder this was of how we can serve God in our every day life.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Missionary to Walker’s Garage

Film Description:

Young Mark (Dick Jones) wants to be an automotive engineer, but his parents want him to become a minister. His job as a mechanic at Walker’s Garage takes on new meaning when his coworkers and customers look to him for wisdom and inspiration.

An inspired and literate script demonstrates the “all things work together” point of Romans 8:28.

** Producer S.M. Hershey NEVER EXISTED! The actual producer of this film was Family Films founder Sam Hersh.

Here to explain this curious conundrum are three fascinating excerpts from CELLULOID SERMONS: The Emergence of the Christian Film Industry (1930 to 1986); Authors: Terry Lindvall and Andrew Quicke; New York University Press

“In the 1930s, Sam Hersh had been, among other things, a real estate magnate, entrepreneur, and bootlegger. As regards Christian films, the most important thing about him was that he was Jewish.”

“When Sam Hersh founded Family Films in 1948, he was not thinking of producing “Christian films,” but rather films for the whole family. According to the historian Harvey Marks, “Hersh was not a Christian when he founded the company; he was an opportunist. But he became a Christian and began to produce films with a strong Christian message.”

“In the early 1950’s, Hersh would identify himself with his nom de plume, S.M. Hershey, in such films as “Speak No Evil (1950) and Rim of the Wheel (1951, with Gail Storm) so that none of his Hollywood associates would discover that he was making religious films.”

Missionary to Walker's Garage

Note: No further cast or crew are listed in the film’s credits. We are seeking production records and complete film descriptions for this film release. Anyone who might know the whereabouts of such records or someone with institutional knowledge, please contact us.

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Missionary to Walker's Garage

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