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Morning Light: A Spiritual Mystery

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

With every sunrise comes a new beginning. Morning Light is a spiritual mystery that follows how Christiana, a mysterious young girl, brings hope of a new beginning to people with broken lives. When a course correction that her father makes results in a tragedy for the family, Christiana becomes the one who needs protection.

On the scene comes Deputy Caleb Robinson. At first unknown to the rookie deputy, evidence begins appearing that suggests there is more to this case than meets the eye. When he delves deeper into the findings, twists arise at every turn. Who is behind all of this? There’s something different about Christiana but what is it?

Morning Light is a spiritual mystery with a unique labyrinth of intersecting stories and lives that takes viewers from the depths of human depravity to the heights of beauty and grace.

Release Date: (Online Only) Television Pilot / On YouTube Now!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Morning Light A Spiritual Mystery - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD 1

Morning Light A Spiritual Mystery - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD 2

  • Erin Bachus … Christiana Tulipana
  • Kelsey David Shryer … Deputy Caleb Robinson
  • Rodney Wiseman … Phillip Tulipana
  • Bozana Cavar … Marianna Tulipana
  • Lindsey Bryant … Natalie Swanson
  • Brandon Gray … Lincoln Cade
  • Nick Herra … Biaggio Santini
  • Elizabeth Allen … Charlene Chase
  • Richard Pille … Matthew Cantrell
  • R.H. Wilhoit … Bobby Morris
  • Charlotte Jeane Lucas … Maggie Robinson
  • Timothy M. Butler … Pastor Samuel Swanson
  • Randy Price … Sheriff William Bodine
  • Elaine Jenkins … Edna Willis
  • Pamela K. Bachus … Dispatcher
  • David J. Lee … Federal Agent
  • Lexi Bridges … Woman In Car (voice)
  • Teresa Vinson Brown … Woman In Car
Contact Person: Scott-Arthur Allen
Phone: 818-298-4697
Email: Email Contact

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