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My Christmas Soldier

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Film Synopsis:

A small Georgia town struggles with the rationing and sacrifices of America at war. Christmas is no exception as 11-year-old Gordy (Aidan Rogers) and his sister Priscilla (Emily Jordan) sense a fear in the train station where they await their father’s homecoming. Propaganda posters and tense adult talk drive home the evil of the enemy.

When a train loaded with German POWs arrives in the station, Gordy’s curiosity is stronger than his fear. He dares to approach the prison train and makes contact with a young German soldier named Hans (Silvio Busch). Through the courage to trust and the song Silent Night, friends and foes learn the true meaning of Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men, and hearts are forever changed.

  • Mac Powell … Adult Gordy (voice)
  • Silvio Wolf Busch … Hans
  • Cheri Christian … Mrs. Walker
  • Aidan Rogers … Gordy Walker
  • Emily Jordan … Cilla Walker
  • Ted Huckabee … Frank
  • Coco Chalfont … Etta
  • Frank Brennan … Businessman
  • Taylor Hamilton Collins … American Soldier
  • Jeff Rose … Captain Walker
  • Leigh Hays … Patty
  • Minnie Tee … Dottie
  • Greg Weaver … Conductor
  • Ben Johnson III … Charlie
  • Atiba Mwangi … Porter
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My Christmas Soldier, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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