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My Son

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CFDb Review:

This film made me feel proud to be a Christian.  Very powerful film.  We highly recommend this film.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

My Son

Film Description:

Cadon wasn’t going anywhere . . . until he met Jess. Now that Jess and her young son Austin are living with him, his life seems to have direction and purpose.

But when they lose custody of Austin under questionable circumstances, Cadon feels responsible. His hope of having a normal family is all but lost. Desperate to keep Jess, Cadon turns to his lifelong friend Bo for help to reclaim their son.

As their plan unfolds and tensions escalate, Cadon finds himself trapped in a hostage crisis in a small church. With the situation spiraling out of control, Cadon, Jess and Bo will each have life-changing decisions to make. MY SON tells the story behind a too-real tragedy interwoven with a message of hope that can overcome even our worst choices.

Release Date: (Select Theaters) September 20, 2013

Parental Warning due to some intense scenes

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  • Restin Burk … Cadon
  • Kate Randall … Jess
  • Micheal Willbanks … Bo
  • Chuck Kitchens … James Clarke
  • Paige Easterling … Sharri Clarke
  • April Walker … Jenn Clarke
  • Joe Madlock … Andrew
  • Austin Dennis … Austin Clarke
  • Aaron Byrd … Dillon
  • James Johnson … Karl Meyers
  • Kay Trawick … Susan Meyers
  • Victoria Pearce … Shawna Meyers
  • Craig Williamson … Sheriff Jerry Winters
  • Ed Jann … Roger
  • Tammy Ricketts … Lois
  • Van Bush … Alan
  • Sherri Whitesell … Nurse
  • Gary Ongley … Judge
  • Ricky Long … Reporter
Company: Retta Vision Motion Pictures
Contact Person:
My Son, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Jennifer Colston says
    16 October 13, 11:47pm

    I want this movie! How do i get it??

  2. Annelie says
    17 October 13, 8:57am

    It hasn’t come out on DVD yet. Hopefully soon!


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