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Nail 32

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Nail 32

Film Description:

Nail 32 – Jasper ‘Buck’ Livingston made a decision early in his life that influenced and changed the cowboy culture. Through failure and disappointment he learned that although one person cannot change the world, it takes only one to start. Buck strategized his life purpose one cowboy at a time.

Woven within the film is Buck’s incredible life journey as a rodeo cowboy, rancher father, and preacher. It’s an exhilarating and emotional true-life story of an ordinary man from north Texas who served an extraordinary purpose.

The film depicts the grueling travels of the rodeo circuit, from the backbreaking bronc riding to the musical oasis of the honkytonks. It portrays both the picturesque culture of the American rancher while dispensing cowboy pride and simplistic life solutions.

Just as 32 nails attach the shoes to a horse; ‘Nail 32’ clenches the importance of men being courageous, honorable, and truly God fearing! As each nail serves a purpose; each life matters.

Can a cowboy be a Christian and can a Christian be a cowboy? Either way you answer it, ‘Nail 32’ encourages all men to find the Lord before you need Him, and never, ever sell out your pride or saddle – ‘Cause life’s a long, long ride’.

Release Date: (Premiere) July 26, 2015

Release Date: (Select Theaters) September 4, 2015

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Topic: Western

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Film Cast

  • Brad Johnson … Buck Livingston
  • Ashla Soter … Kayleigh
  • Timothy E. Goodwin … Clive Boleregard
  • Brandy Allison … Barb (Waitress)
  • Lea Penick … Donna May
  • Joshua Briscoe … Jasper Livingston
  • Holly Spears … Tommy Sue
  • Shelton Murphy … Young Buck
  • Ken Roberts … Old Buck’s Doc
  • Brian Wallis … Hawk Dudley
  • Mark Soter … Al
  • Jeff Gore … Red – Bar Owner
  • Scott Mendes … Pastor Snow
  • Summer Madison Rahn … Brandy
  • Chad Eubank … Tommy Weaver
  • Devin Skyy Williams … Young Ruth
  • Bernie Parquet … Bertha’s Friend & Singer
  • Sheriff Bob Alford … Announcer – Johnston
  • Charlotte Lewis … Old Ruth
  • Janae Hatchett … Amanda
  • Matt Lewis … Hospital Doctor
  • Lynna Eller … Young Tommy Sue
  • Jon Mark Hogg … Attorney
  • Cheyenne Harris … Becky (Bartender)
  • Jose Villedas … Jack Ivy’s Ranch Hand

Film Company Contact Details

Company: JC Films Representative: Jason Campbell
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:2404 Deer Run, Forest, VA USA

Film Details

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  1. boyd rasmussen says
    23 September 15, 2:54pm

    How do you arrange to get the movie nail 32 shown in our local church? Also when will it be available on dvd to watch at home?

  2. Annelie says
    23 September 15, 3:24pm

    try contacting the film company –

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