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Never Ashamed

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Never Ashamed

Film Description:

Never Ashamed – An incredible journey of faith, compassion, and commitment. A high schooler get saved at a camp and now must face his atheistic family and unsaved friend. When Tim becomes a Christian at a summer youth camp, he must now face the struggle of dealing with his atheistic parents, old friends and a luke warm youth group.

An excellent film about faith, compassion and true commitment as Tim continues to love his parents despite their opposition and never gives up reaching out to his best friend Marty who desperately needs Christ.

Film Cast

  • Tim Elwell … Tim Hughes
  • Jonathan Jancovic Michaels … Marty Sullivan (as Jon Jancovic)
  • Denyse Leahy … Meg Hughes
  • Lori Overdorf … Becky Olson
  • Stan Adams … Sid Hughes

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Never Ashamed, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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