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No Way Out

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

Four friends’ similar situations about life, love, family and their Christian walk. They struggle to find their true identity.

Amanda was struggling with adultery, self esteem, being a mother, a friend and most of a Christian woman at the same time standing firm on husband’s side as he endured a Christian business venture. As things got worse she felt like giving up and leaving. Things are not getting any better. She feels there is absolutely no way out.

Cindy, a single mother of one feel weighed down with everyday problems. She feels that her problems never end. She now has found out that she is pregnant again out of wedlock and will have to face her friends. Most of her church family thinks she is still married to her ex-husband, but she is not. She feels that it’s time to just give up – She contemplates taking the baby’s life.

After 12 years of marriage, Jennifer, a devoted wife and mother, has always wanted to go back to school, but her husband instructs her to remain a stay at home mom. As she endures verbal abusive and low self esteem, she is at verge of divorcing her husband.

Keisha is a friend of the three, a wife and mother as well. She stands firm on her husband’s side, but there is a problem. He doesn’t want to be a man that God called him to be. He is refusing to let her go to church or even fellowship with her Christian friends. She wants to be there for him but she feels he is going against God, and what the Word says about being a leader in the home. She feels that since he is not being the priest in the home that’s the WAY OUT for her, but is it?

These friends find out that even though they are going through different situations they are batting the same problem. They come to believe in their minds that there is NO WAY OUT of their problems. As they pray, God delivers an answer to each one of them. Will each and everyone receive this answer that God gives them or will they continue to struggle to find their WAY OUT?

How will Amanda’s relationship turn out? Can she endure the pressure? Can she release forgiveness? What choices does Cindy have to make in keeping this baby? Will the father of this child stand up and be a man? Will Jennifer ever see the dream of becoming a hairstylist or will she forever struggle with her husband’s outline for the home? And Keisha, does she finally get to see God’s word change her husband to be a man God? Does he stand and be that man he is supposes to be?

Is there really a WAY OUT from each of these situations? Can God really give the answer that has been needed?
Are you listening for the answer God has given you?

Release Date: (DVD) 2013!

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  • Katy Knowlton Fulkerson … Amanda Mitchell
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