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Noah’s Ark

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Noah’s Ark


Film Description:

The Biblical story of Noah and the Great Flood, with a parallel story of soldiers in the First World War.

On the eve of World War I, two friends (George O’Brien and Gwynn Williams) meet a beautiful young German girl (Dolores Costello), who O’Brien marries; when both men enlist, Costello becomes prey to the evil intentions of a Russian official (Noah Beery), who accuses her of being a spy when she refuses his advances. Meanwhile, in a parallel story set during Biblical times, Noah (Paul McAllister) and his three sons (George O’Brien, Gwynn Williams, and Malcolm Waite) build an ark as defense against an impending flood sent by God, who is angry that a king (Noah Beery) has turned himself into a false god.

Noah's Ark - Christian Movie Film Dolores Costello George O'Brien - CFDb

1928 Noah's Ark resting place

1928 Noah's Ark temple flooding

1928 Noah's Ark animals

1928 Noah's Ark commandments

1928 Noah's Ark modern 2

  • Dolores Costello … Mary/Miriam
  • George O’Brien … Travis/Japheth
  • Noah Beery … Nickoloff/King Nephiliu
  • Louise Fazenda … Hilda/Tavern Maid
  • Gwynn Williams … Al/Ham
  • Paul McAllister … Minister/Noah
  • Myrna Loy … Dancer/Slave Girl
  • Anders Randolf … The German/Leader of Soldiers
  • Armand Kaliz … The Frenchman/Leader of the King’s Guard
  • William V. Mong … Innkeeper/Guard
  • Malcolm Waite … The Blakan/Shem
  • Nigel De Brulier … Soldier/High Priest
  • Noble Johnson … Slave Broker
  • Otto Hoffman … Investor with Gun/Trader
  • Joe Bonomo … Aide to Leader of Soldiers
  • Allan Cavan … Stockbroker
  • Andy Devine … Flood Extra
  • Gus Leonard … Manager of Belgian Theater Group
  • Alphonse Martell … French Policeman
  • Torben Meyer … Man on Train
  • Nina Quartero … French Girl
  • Cliff Saum … Soldier in Trench
  • John Wayne … Flood Extra
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